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Getting Plant Fiber in Nightingale: Desert Biome & Higher Tiers

Craig Robinson

Plant Fiber is one of the most basic resources in Nightingale, used to create a variety of items. From creating parts at the Spinning Wheel, armor at Sewing Benches for that Gear Score improvement, all the way to building the most basic of furniture and workbenches. You’ll need it in just about everything. However, plant fiber can be hard to come across if you’re in a desert, making it somewhat difficult to acquire in Nightingale. With that said, here’s a closer look at how to get it, helping desert folk and those hunting for higher-tier materials.

Plant Fibers are commonly found in the Forest Biome, and are the easiest place to farm the resource.

Where to find Plant Fiber in Nightingale

First and foremost, plant fiber spawns from grassy plants that sprout high from the ground. Simply walk up to them and either harvest them by pressing ‘E’ or you can cut them down using a sickle tool. Using a sickle is the better method since you will harvest more materials at once.

As for the locations of plant fibers, you will commonly find them all over the grassland areas of the Forest and the Swamp biomes. While they are by far the most abundant in Forest biomes, they’re still very easily acquired in Swamps too.

(1 of 2) Deserts have a lot less Plant Fiber, but you can find the highest concentration around Oases.

Deserts have a lot less Plant Fiber, but you can find the highest concentration around Oases. (left), The Deserts in nightingale are often barren, but you can still find a few trees and fibers dotted around the dunes. (right)

However, when it comes to getting plant fiber in the Desert biomes, you will be lacking locations. Often the best places to get plant fiber are around the few growing trees in the Desert, alongside the oasis spawns. In general, the oases in the desert biomes tend to have the most variety of plant life, ranging from various named plants, seeds, and fibers. If you are doing the tutorial and need to get basic materials to craft your early-game crude tools, then the oases are your best bet.

It is worth looking for plant fiber farms, largely because plant fiber is one of the best ways to get Essence Dust in the early game. Each fiber awards you one Dust per extract, and because you can collect a lot of fiber using a sickle, you will easily get lots of Essence Dust by doing so. This can easily fund your early game recipes and repair bills when you’re done with crafting the basics. With that said, this concludes the basics of what you need to know about plant fiber.

Higher Tier Plant Fibers in Nightingale

When you start traveling through different realms, you’ll begin to start accessing tiered resources. The tier of the resource is determined by the difficulty rating of the Major card you play. Antiquarian, Astrolabe, and Provisions worlds are all considered Tier 1 Worlds, meaning you will start finding Tier 1 resources dotted loosely around the world. Meanwhile, the Herbarium and Gloom Worlds can generate Tier 2 resources, with end game Apex Hunts and the Vault content granting Tier 3 resources and rewards.

Higher tier Plant Fibers often stand out from their surroundings due to their stark color scheme differences from their natural surroundings.

When you travel to one of these worlds, you are looking for materials that have higher contrast than the materials around the world. In the case of getting higher-tier fibers in Nightingale, you want to look for grassy plants with similar models to the crude tier plant fibers, albeit with a contrasting color. The image above is an example of a plant fiber spawn standing out from the rest of the field, with its bright green color, while everything else is golden brown or purple, per the color scheme of the world. You want to look out for these plants to get access to better quality materials.

When you do encounter a higher-tier material, you will need a tool at an equivalent level to match it. The Tier 1 plant fibers require an item level of 40 to harvest successfully. For Tier 1, it means you need to either craft a higher item level Sickle or upgrade your Simple Sickle at an upgrade bench to reach the 40 item level requirement. Keep this in mind as you progress through the various worlds.

This sums up how to find higher-tier plant fibers in Nightingale. Good luck with your foraging dear Fae traveler.

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