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How to Get Ink in Nightingale

Matt Chard

Early in Nightingale, you’ll need to craft Realm Cards to unlock portals. This allows you to traverse more realms which gives you new places to explore, which in turn lets you acquire new resources, recipes, and much more. By obtaining new recipes and materials, you’ll be able to craft better gear, build better homes, and build new furniture. All of this will increase your gear score among other factors, which is how progression works in the game; craft realm cards, go to new realms, get more powerful gear and recipes. Ink is one of the primary resources to craft realm cards, and you can craft it at the Simple Mortar Station. Read on to find exactly what you need to get ink in Nightingale.

You’ll need a Mortar Station to craft the components required for Ink.

How to Craft Ink — Nightingale

The first thing you need is the Simple Mortar Station, but to get it, you’ll need the blueprint. This is obtainable by purchasing it from an Essence Trader, whose location changes depending on the biome you selected. Because the realms are procedurally generated, you’ll need to look at your map to find the Essence Trader, which should always appear on the map. Once you’ve found them, purchase the Simple Mortar Station for 55 Essence Dust along with a Simple Enchanter’s Focus, Simple Saw Table, and a Smelter as you’ll need them to craft the components needed to craft realm cards.

Where to Get the Mortar Station

For Ink itself, you only require the Mortar Station (and the smelter for glass). If you don’t have enough Essence Dust on you, you can extract any material in your inventory to get some. Alternatively, read our How to Get Essence Dust page to find the best ways of obtaining it.

(1 of 2) Ink requires one Refined Pigment and one piece of Glass.

Ink requires one Refined Pigment and one piece of Glass. (left), Refined Pigment is made from placing any plant, berry, flowers, or meat into the Mortar Station. (right)

When you’ve acquired the recipe, place the Mortar Station in your base, and then get the required resources to build it. These materials are:

  • Lumber x3: Place 2x Wood Bundles per lumber (6 in total) into the Table Saw.
  • Fibre (Animal Fibre) x8: Place meat from animals on the tanning rack.

Now that you have built the Mortar Station, you need to craft Refined Pigment, which can only be crafted at the Mortar Station using any of the following materials: meat, ore, plants, or mushrooms. Finally, place two gems of the same kind in the Smelter to acquire Glass, which is the final component for Ink. Once you have the Ink, you’ll still need Paper to craft the realm cards, which you can make at the Simple Saw Table for a mere two wood bundles. Add all that together with the Simple Enchanter’s Focus, and you can now create new realm cards.

If you want to learn more about how to craft the higher tier Vibrant Ink, see our page on How to Get Vibrant Ink.

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Nightingale is a PvE open-world survival crafting game with a few unique features for the genre. First among these is the Realm Card system, whereby players can discover and craft Major or Minor realm cards to influence aspects of procedurally generated worlds or character attributes respectively. You may find yourself in a more forgiving or hostile world depending on the Major cards you use, but the Minor cards can give you an edge against foes with boosts to damage, health, stamina, or other aspects of survival. The game is set in the Victorian era and has more than a little influence from Steampunk fiction, so if that’s anything like your thing, you’ll love this world!

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