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How to Get Copper Ore in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Copper Ore is one of the various materials that you can mine in Nightingale. This material is a T1 resource that players can find in desert worlds, and it can be very useful for crafting ammunition and other such items. Here’s a closer look at how to get Copper Ore, alongside how to mine it and the stat weights that come with it.

Here is everything you need to know about Copper Ore in Nightingale, featuring locations and material stats.

Where to Find Copper Ore in Nightingale

To find Copper ore in Nightingale, we recommend that players go to Desert realms with 1-99 Realm Power. Depending on your realm, the spawn locations of Copper Ore will change somewhat. On the lower end of the scale, Copper Ore will spawn in caves, whereas realms with around 40 Realm Score onwards will have Copper Ore spawn around cliffsides, like most other materials, such as Tin and Nickel.

You’ll be able to see Copper Ore via its orangish rock color. Be aware that you’ll need a mining pick of 40 Item Level in order to mine the rock and get the ore. You’ll likely need to upgrade your simple pick or craft a new one using higher item-level base materials to mine this rock.

If you’re in the lower realm score worlds, you’ll often find caves marked by the sand temple in cliffsides. Thanks to Desert maps having a few bluffs scattered around, it is really easy to find the caves in these worlds. If you’re in a realm with a Fae Tower, go ahead and do that, as it will make spotting the caves and vaults easier with several objectives clumped together. In those areas, you’ll often find higher item-level requirement ores and gems, which can sometimes contain copper.

When you’re in 40+ Realm Score worlds, such as Astrolabe desert worlds, you’ll often find Copper around the cliffsides. So, they should be genuinely easier to find.

Best Ways to Use Copper Ore in Nightingale

When you get your hands on Copper Ore in Nightingale, you should expect the following stats on it.

  • 15 Ranged Damage
  • 15 Magick Power
  • 10 Poison Resistance

Ideally, Copper Ore is a perfect fit for creating ranged ammunition. Whether you’re using it for basic regular ammunition types or crafting elemental rounds, Copper will improve your gun’s magic and physical damage, no matter your gun type. At this stage of the game, you’ll likely be using this as your BiS (Best in Slot) material for guns until you get further into the game. We highly recommend mining this, and then getting some Gunpowder too, so that way you have enough materials to craft base ammo, with the elemental ammo coming later. Remember that crafting ammo and guns unlocks with certain Augmentations, so remember to check those out in the codex for what you need.

This concludes everything you need to know about Copper Ore in Nightingale. Good luck with farming the materials.

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