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How to Craft and Use Infusions in Nightingale

Matt Chard

Nightingale is a survival game with unique RPG gameplay systems mixed in with one of these systems being Infusion. This allows you to craft and place various boons on your equipment to give you a boost over the dangers that await you. These Infusions can be placed on your armor, weapons, and even tools. Before you can use them, you’ll need to craft a Simple Enchanter’s Focus, but you will have to progress the main quest with Puck until you gain access to the blueprint needed to craft it. Read on to find out where to unlock, how to craft, and how to use Infusions in Nightingale.

Nightingale is a survival game mixed with RPG elements.

How to Unlock Infusions - Nightingale

To unlock Infusions, you will first need to acquire the Simple Enchanter’s Focus recipe. To get this, progress with Puck’s quests until you complete Site of Power as it’ll reward you with it. Once you have the recipe, you’ll need to craft it, but it’ll require materials that you most likely won’t have access to yet. The materials you need are:

  • Lumber x1 -This can be obtained by placing wood bundles into the Simple Saw Table.

  • Ingot x2 - These can be obtained by placing any ore into the Smelter.

  • Glass x5 - These can be obtained by placing Quartz into the Smelter.

As you can see, before you can craft the Simple Enchanter’s Focus, you will need a Smelter and a Saw Table. You can purchase these resources from an Essence Trader, but it’ll cost you a fair bit of Essence Dust, and you’re going to need the stations later anyway. So…how do you get the crafting stations, you ask? Well, head over to your nearest Essence Trader and purchase each recipe for 55 Essence Dust. While you are there, pick up the Mortar Station too.

(1 of 3) Purchase the Simple Enchanter’s Focus from the Essence Trader in the Abeyance Realm.

How to Craft Infusions - Nightingale

Once you have crafted the Simple Enchanter’s Focus, place it in the base, and interact with it. Now, scroll down until you find the Infusions section, select the infusion you want to craft, and you’ll soon find out that you require T1 Essence. Now, either follow the main quest which will eventually lead you to a higher-level biome, or if you’re lucky and have found the Antiquarian Card, place it in the Realm Card Machine along with a biome such as Forest, Swamp, or Desert. The Antiquarian Card will increase the difficulty of the realm, so you’ll want to be at least Gear Score 20 before going there. Read our Gear Score Guide to find out how to do this.

When you have achieved the above, head into the new realm (don’t worry you can get back), and defeat enemies there to get the T1 Essences. The best places to find enemies are at the Bastille’s Puzzles (fail the puzzle to keep spawning them), Fae Towers, and any other side activity that spawns them. You can even get them from the wildlife as well, but they won’t drop as many if any at all due to a lower drop rate. If you want a good way to farm this resource, read our T1 Essence Farm Guide.

Once you have the required T1 Essences (25 per Infusion), head back to your base, which can be done by going to the map, and selecting “Travel to Respite”. Now, interact with the Simple Enchanter’s Focus and craft the Infusion you want.

Scroll down to Infusions and select which Infusion you want to craft. It will require T1 Essences.

How to Apply Infusions - Nightingale

Infusions can be applied by right clicking the Infusion in the inventory screen and selecting “Apply”. If you can’t select that, you’ll need to upgrade your gear to uncommon, as the starting gear doesn’t have any slots or the gear that you have doesn’t take that specific infusion. After you click apply, select a piece of gear that will show up on the left side of the screen, and then select the empty slot. You can place up to three Infusions on each piece of equipment, depending on its rarity. The first slot unlocks with Uncommon (green) gear, the second with Rare (blue), and the third with Epic (purple). When you’ve placed the Infusion, the gear will display the Magickal stat with the Infusion underneath when you hover over a piece of equipment.

(1 of 2) Once you’ve crafted an Infusion. Right-click it, and select apply.

Once you’ve crafted an Infusion. Right-click it, and select apply. (left), Choose the gear you want the Infusion on, and select the empty slot to place it. (right)

Where to Get Infusions - Nightingale

Now that you have access to infusions, you might want to get hold of more of them. You can either find them at Hope Echoes scattered throughout the realms or they can be purchased at the various Essence Traders. Finally, you can sometimes get them by helping the survivors, completing quests, or loot them from chests.

You can purchase a lot of Infusions from the various Essence Traders across the realms.

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