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How to Split Stacks in Nightingale

Matt Chard

Early in Nightingale, you’ll soon become over-encumbered due to all the resources you’ve picked up. Like most games, you simply jump into the menu, split a stack of stone or wood, and throw it away. However, in Nightingale, you can’t do this in your inventory screen, but there are ways to reduce weight in the field. Read on to find out how to split stacks of resources and how to reduce weight when you’re out exploring.

Splitting Resource Stacks - Nightingale

As mentioned above, you currently can’t split stacks of resources in the inventory menu; no idea why, but you can’t. However, you can split stacks of materials when transferring them from your inventory to a storage of some sort, including with your companions. This can be achieved by holding ‘Shift’ (Shift-Filled) and dragging them with ‘left click’ (MouseLeftButton-Filled) to a different place, such as the storage. When you do this, a prompt will appear asking how much you want to transfer, with a slider that accompanies it. Drag the slider to the required amount and click confirm. The prompt will tell you how much you’re transferring, including the weight associated with it.

Hold Shift and drag the item into the storage or your companion’s inventory. This cannot be done in the field.

How to Reduce Weight While Exploring

The above option doesn’t really help out when you’re over-encumbered while exploring, does it? Well, you have a couple of options to help with that. Firstly, right click (MouseRightButton-Filled) the resource that is not required, or the one you care the least about and select ‘Extract’. This will bring up a similar screen to the splitting stack prompt, but it’ll ask you how much you want to extract instead. Now, this doesn’t split the stacks, but it will stop you from being over-encumbered for the time being while also yielding Essence Dust. This is the currency needed to purchase blueprints, so you’ll be getting something handy in return.

The other option requires you to have a companion, which you can normally find near the Essence Trader of the realm. Once you’ve got one, walk over to them, press ‘E’ (E-Key-Filled) to speak with them, select ‘Manage Equipment & Inventory’, and you’ll get the same prompt for splitting stacks, which is ‘Shift’ (Shift-Filled) plus dragging them with ’left click (MouseLeftButton-Filled) over to the companion.

(1 of 5) To extract an item for Essence Dust, right-click the resource and select Extract.

How to Increase Carrying Capacity

For the last tip, you can increase your carrying capacity by crafting backpacks known as packs in Nightingale. The first one is called the Simple Pack and will be available to craft once you acquire the Simple Sewing Bench, which you’ll get a quest for from Puck; this will increase your carrying capacity by 50 kg. As you progress through the game and gain access to better recipes, you’ll be able to craft better packs, thus increasing your capacity further.

Obtaining a Pack will increase your weight and capacity by 50. You can craft this at the Simple Sewing Bench.

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