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Where to Find Coral - Nightingale

Matt Chard

When you begin to reach the higher tiers of Realms in Nightingale, you’ll start to need a constant supply of healing potions. As Coral is one of the primary ingredients in crafting healing potions, the odds of you finding any are slim unless you’ve been exploring every nook and cranny. However, Coral is a relatively easy to get hold of ingredient, when you know where to look. I just hope you don’t mind getting a little wet. Find out where Coral can be found and how to farm it.

Coral Locations in Nightingale

Without further ado, you can find Coral at the bottom of the ocean in all realms. Fortunately, you only need to dip your toes into the sea to get it because as of right now, you can’t swim underwater. The quickest way to get Coral is to open your map in the Abeyance Realm, pick a direction, and then head to the perimeter of the map. This is the same for any map you can visit, although the Coral is harder to come by in the Desert due to the lack of water. When you reach the ocean, walk around the edge until you find some Coral, which shouldn’t take long as it is filled with it. Although the Coral looks out of reach, you can still collect it by looking down and pressing E-Key (default), and you’ll pick it up. That’s all there is to it really. One thing you may want to know about is you move incredibly slow in the water, and it will gradually decrease your stamina. When your stamina runs out, your health will gradually deplete instead, and if that hits zero, you die.

(1 of 2) The Forest Abeyance Realm is perfect for Fleshy Coral as the ocean surrounds it.

The Forest Abeyance Realm is perfect for Fleshy Coral as the ocean surrounds it. (left), Swim out into the sea, look down, and collect the abundance of Coral. (right)

If you’re only picking a few Coral up, you can just jump in, grab some, and leave. However, if you want to gather a bunch of Coral, we suggest eating the best stamina-increasing food, and using the Minor Amphibious Card as this allows you to swim faster while also giving you the chance to regain stamina in the water, which is perfect for this task.

Different Coral Types

Currently, there are only Fleshy Coral and Skeletal Coral. Both will work when crafting healing potions, but they have different properties. The Fleshy Coral will offer you 20% Rain and Fire Resistance, while the Skeletal will give you 20% Stealth. In general, you can find Fleshy Coral in the Forest Biomes (other realms too, but Forest is the easiest) and Skeletal in the Swamp and Desert, although these are much harder to come by, and it depends more on how lucky you are with the procedurally generated realms.

Coral is one of the ingredients for both the Slight and Moderate Healing Potions. Each craft will give you five potions!

What is Coral Used For?

The main reason you want Coral (and lots of it) is because it’s used in the early to mid-game potion recipes. Both Slight and Moderate Healing Potions require one piece of Coral to craft along with an Alchemical Boiler. To craft both potions you’ll need the following:

  • Slight Health Potion Recipe: Simple Alchemical Boiler (Swamp Astrolabe Trader), 5x Essence Dust, 1x Coral, 1x Bones, and 1x Glass.

  • Moderate Health Potion Recipe: Refined Alchemical Boiler (Swamp Provisioner Trader), 50x Essence Dust, 1x Coral, 1x Bones, and 1x Colourful Glass.

When you craft these potions, you’ll get five per craft, which is pretty good if I do say so myself.

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