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Fabled Automaton Knight and Bishop Boss - Nightingale

Scott Peers

The Fabled Automaton Knight is one of the first bosses that you’ll encounter in Nightingale. It can come in different forms depending on where you find it, such as the Fabled Automaton Bishop. This variant has three smaller automatons alongside it, and a protective shield that it will use to block damage intermittently. On this page, we’ll briefly explain some of the best strategies for defeating this early boss in Nightingale.

How to Defeat the Fabled Automaton Knight

The Fabled Automaton Knight is the most basic version of the boss. It doesn’t have any little helpers and it generally uses the same move over and over again. Although it’s incredibly simple, it can still be a pain to defeat if you’re unprepared. We recommend consuming a variety of different food types to increase your maximum health and stamina, and use any potions that buff your outgoing damage, such as strength potions, where possible.

You don’t need to worry too much if you don’t have any additional special potions in your inventory. The main thing you should have is a good stack of Healing Salves or potions, and preferably both. The salves will replenish your health over time when used, and they’ll also remove any injuries that you may sustain before or during the fight. Healing potions are more for quick recovery of health, and they can easily restore most of your health in the early stages of the game. It’s a good idea to put these on the far right side of your hotbar, bound to “Q” by default, for easy access while fighting.

In addition to consumables and potions, you should make sure that your gear (both armor and weapons) is suitably upgraded. It’s difficult to miss this for the first encounters with Fabled Automaton Knights since the game will keep pestering you to craft better gear and upgrade it. Still, it’s something to keep in mind if you haven’t already done it.

Explore a Site of Power

Once you’ve covered the basics noted above, you can find and defeat your first Fabled Automaton Knight. The most likely place that you’ll encounter one is at a Site of Power. These are ancient Fae structures that you’ll need to visit to discover new realm cards and other valuable loot, and they’ll almost always have a Fabled Automaton Knight present which you’ll need to kill before you can acquire the new cards and loot. You’ll see a mechanism that you’ll need to interact with to activate in the center of the room before the boss appears.

(1 of 2) The core of the boss will glow just before it unleashes the attack.

The core of the boss will glow just before it unleashes the attack. (left), You can easily avoid the attack by stepping or dodging to one side. (right)

As briefly noted above, the Fabled Automaton Knights are incredibly simple bosses, but they can still be deadly if you don’t know how to avoid their attacks. They like to spam an attack that comes in the form of an arc of magic damage from their core, and they’ll continually do this while chasing you around the room. You can easily avoid this by dodging to either side of the boss, but you can also just keep moving in a circle around the center of the room to avoid it. The latter method will save you stamina, but it’s not always the most reliable if you don’t pace your movements correctly.

After you’ve figured out the most effective way to avoid the one attack that this boss uses, whether by dodging or kiting, you need to make sure that you can hit the boss between its firing mechanism. You can do this in different ways based on your playstyle, and one of the easiest is by using a Slingbow to hit its core, where it’s most vulnerable to damage, as you move around the room. You can also use some of the pillars in the room as cover if you need to recover stamina, before going back to kiting the boss.

As an alternative for those who prefer using melee weapons, you should be able to easily dodge away from the ranged attack that the boss uses, then quickly get behind it to get some hits in. The dagger is perhaps the most effective for this, mostly because it does roughly the same amount of damage as the axe, but you can get more hits within a shorter period of time with it thanks to its superior attack speed. All you have to do is rinse and repeat this tactic to bring the boss down.

How to Defeat the Fabled Automaton Bishop

The Fabled Automaton Bishop can be significantly tougher than the Knight. The main reason for this is that it comes with three incredibly tough lesser automatons, all of which you’ll need to kill as quickly as possible. You can usually rely on your companion to take much of the damage from these lesser enemies, but you need to be ready to revive your companion repeatedly, as they won’t last long. Whenever you get the chance, you need to hit the lesser automatons with your most damaging attacks, while kiting them around the room, but you have other things to worry about at the same time.

As you’re trying to finish off the lesser automatons, the Bishop will be continuously bombarding you with ranged attacks. The best way to avoid these is by staying behind the large pillars at the edges of the room, but the boss will occasionally find an angle from which it can hit you, so you need to keep moving between them. Ultimately, it’s a matter of grinding down the health of the lesser automatons while avoiding the attacks from the boss. An important thing to note is that when you hit the glowing core of the Bishop, you’ll inflict damage not only to the boss but also to the lesser automatons, so be sure to aim for this whenever possible.

(1 of 2) The boss will be immune to damage while glowing in blue.

The boss will be immune to damage while glowing in blue. (left), Hit the core of the boss to inflict the most damage, including to the lesser automatons. (right)

The other main difference between the Bishop and the Knight is that the former can protect itself with a shield. This is active whenever you see the Bishop glowing in blue, but it can’t maintain the shield permanently, so be ready to hit it whenever you see the blue aura around the boss disappear. You can either aim for its core using a ranged weapon or get up close to hit it with a few melee attacks before returning to the pillars for cover. Again, this is a fairly simple strategy that you need to rinse and repeat as you grind the boss down, but it’s important that you avoid its ranged attacks and keep moving away from the lesser automatons to reduce incoming damage.

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