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How to Get Coated Paper & Coating in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Coating Paper is one of the new tiers of key items you will make in Nightingale. This item is important to progression as it will enable you to craft the next tier of Realm Cards, allowing you to venture into the next tier of resources. However, the Coated Paper material requires a lot of set up before you can craft it. So, here’s a look at how to get Coated Paper, along with how to get the Coating too.

Coated Paper in Nightingale is a key ingredient for creating the next tier of Realm Cards. Here’s a guide on how to do just that.

How to Make Coated Paper in Nightingale

To get Coated Paper in Nightingale, you will need to have unlocked the Refined Saw Mill. You can get the recipe from the Forest Provisioner Realm Essence Traders if you have not done so already. Make sure to have the spare T1 Essence needed to purchase it. You probably need 100-200, depending on how many improved versions of the workbench recipes you’ve managed to get so far.

When you have the Refined Saw Table, which requires the Brazier to make the Mechanical Gears and the Blades, you can then see the recipe for Coated Paper.

The Coated Paper recipe requires the following materials:

  • 1x Coating
  • 12x Paper

Paper is easy enough to get, as you will be able to make 12 from two Wood Bundles at any type of Saw Mill. However, Coating is much harder to make.

How to Make Coating in Nightingale

Coating is a new material that you will have just unlocked. To get Coating, you will need to get the Refined Mortar Station, another Refined Crafting Station recipe from the Provisioner Realm. You will need three pieces of Lumber, four Carved Stones, and two of any gem, stone, mineral, or pigment. Players can create Carved Stones from the Simple Masonry Bench, so you don’t need to stress there.

(1 of 2) Players will need to craft the Refined Spinning Wheel to make Fabric. This is then used to create Coating for Coating Paper, among other resources.

Players will need to craft the Refined Spinning Wheel to make Fabric. This is then used to create Coating for Coating Paper, among other resources. (left), Coating is a recipe found in the Refined Mortar station, which is primarily used to create the next tier of Realm Cards via Coated Paper. (right)

As the Refined Mortar Station is built, players will now need to open the recipe menu and craft the Coating recipe, which requires Fabric. Fabric can be made from the Refined Spinning Wheel, which requires Twine, Carved Wood and Shafts to make. Carved Wood comes from the Saw Mill, while Shafts come from the Simple Smithing Station, and the Thread from the Simple Spinning Wheel.

Once the Spinning Wheel is established, you now need to craft Refined Fibre, which comes from any type of Plant Fibre you can find. Create at least two Refined Fibres and you can now craft one Fabric from the Refined Spinning Wheel.

Once all of that has been set up, you can now create Coated Paper in Nightingale at the Refined Saw Table. Bring your Coating and Paper to the Saw Mill and create your Coated Paper.

And there you have it; this concludes this Coated Paper guide for Nightingale. Craft as much as you need, as you’ll now be using this material to create the upgraded Realm Cards at your Refined Enchanter’s Focus, allowing you to move on and activate the Herbarium card, among some other high-profile minor and major cards to come.

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