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How to Get Favours in Nightingale

Matt Chard

As you explore the Faelands in Nightingale, you’ll run across various side activities, some of which will reward you with a favour. These boons will help you navigate treacherous lands by giving you a variety of buffs. Read on to find out what favors are and how you can get them.

Favours can be obtained from the various side activities in Nightingale, such as the Bastilles.

What are Favours in Nightingale

Favours come in three flavors, Favor of Power, Favor of Endurance, and Favor of Soaring. Each of them will last approximately two to five minutes while offering you a boon of your choice.

  • Favour of Soaring:The Fae have shown you favour. Your legs tingle, and you feel as though you could leap through the heavens before returning gently to the ground.” This favor allows you to jump higher while still landing safely. Similar to the Thinned Veil Card without the negatives. You can generally move quicker across the realm, especially when used in tandem with the dodge skill from the knife.

  • Favour of Power:The Fae have shown you favour. The beasts of these Realms feel so fragile, and you know that, with your newfound strength, you could dispatch any with ease”. This favour will increase your strength, allowing you to deal more damage to any enemy. Great to use before a Site of Power or a Fae Tower.

  • Favour of Endurance:The Fae have shown you favour. You buzz with energy and feel as though you could run, work, or fight for days without a moment’s rest”. This will give you increased stamina, allowing you to run, fight, and gather more efficiently. Great to use when you need to go somewhere far (like across the map) or when you want to gather new materials for your latest base project.

(1 of 3) The Favour of Endurance will bolster your stamina, allowing you to run and gather faster.

How to Get Favours in Nightingale

When you traverse the Realms, you’ll often find Bastille’s. Some will be Intellect, some Strength, and others will be Insight and Agility. Regardless of what Bastille you take on, you’ll be rewarded with a Hope Echo, which can yield a card or essence and a favour. The favour will appear as a wispy orb in a small enclosure of the structure after you complete the activity. This orb will slowly rotate between the three boons, Soaring, Power, and Endurance. Wait until the boon that you want appears, and then interact with it to get the boon. Now, these favours can appear at other encounters such as Occupations (a small encounter), but these are not a 100% chance. Note that once you have accrued the favour from a Bastille, you won’t be able to get it again.

Bastille’s are just one way to get favours. You can also find them at Occupation and other encounters.

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