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How to Get Zinc Ore in Nightingale

Matt Chard

Every resource in Nightingale has their own unique properties, such as zinc which gives you 10% melee damage, 10% blocking, and 10% extra durability. When you craft gear using a specific resource, these stats will get added to it. Although an exact location for zinc is impossible due to Nightingale’s procedurally generated world, the resource will always spawn in a specific biome. Zinc can be found in the Swamp Realms, but there are ways to narrow down the search even more. Read on to find out where to find Zinc, and what you can do with it.

Zinc can be predominantly found on the rocky outcrops near the sea in the Swamp Realm in Nightingale.

Zinc Ore Locations - Nightingale

As stated above, you’ll find Zinc in Swamp Realms. However, if you go to the perimeter of the realm where the sea is, you should find rocky outcrops. Among these outcrops, you will find zinc. The Zinc deposits have a distinct appearance; they’re a large gray rock with an orange hue creeping out of the cracks. Another good place to find zinc is inside small caves scattered around the realm. To get to the Swamp Realm, craft a Swamp and an Abeyance card at the Simple Enchanter’s Focus, which requires one piece of paper and ink each. If you don’t have access to any of these things yet, you can purchase the recipes at the Essence Trader, which will appear on your map.

(1 of 2) In the Swamp Realm, head to the outer edges where the sea is.

In the Swamp Realm, head to the outer edges where the sea is. (left), You’ll find plenty of Zinc Deposits on the Rocky Outcrops. (right)

How to Mine Zinc Ore in Nightingale

When you try to mine zinc, you’ll quickly discover that it requires a mining pick with a gear score of at least level 10, so crafting a Simple Mining Pick will do the trick. This can be crafted at the Simple Workbench, which you can purchase from the Abeyance Essence Trader. With your new pick, head over to the zinc deposit and mine it until it disappears, and then hold E-Key (default) to pick up all the ore at once.

How to Process Zinc Ore

Now that you have the Zinc ore, you need to craft it into Ingots, which can be done by placing it in a Smelter; each ingot will cost two ore. Note that if you have other ore in your inventory, the auto-fill may choose a different one, so make sure you click the Ore Slot and select Zinc. The Smelter will need to have fuel for it to work, which can be sticks, plant fiber, wood, lumber, and coal to name a few. You can acquire the Smelter recipe from your friendly Abeyance Essence Trader for 55 Essence Dust. If you don’t have enough Essence Dust, extract it from the materials in your inventory. We recommend you use plant fiber at the start of the game as it’s the easiest resource to come by, but any material will do the trick. To craft the Smelter, you’ll need four stone blocks and six rocks. You can find the former by breaking down regular boulders while the former will be a resource on its own, normally next to rocky outcrops, at the side of cliffs, or in shallow water.

(1 of 3) The Smelter Schematic can be purchased at the Abeyance Essence Trader for 55 Essence Dust.

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