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Where to Find Elder Eotan Hearts in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Elder Eotan in Nightingale is one of the bosses that you need to kill to progress the main storyline and reach The Watch. However, to find this creature, players will need to complete the Hunt Realm Card dungeon in their Abeyance biome, and then progress into the Forest Hunt realm to find and track this wandering boss creature. Here is a closer look at how to find the Elder Eotan in Nightingale and grab the Elder Eotan Heart.

This guide teaches you how to get Elder Eotan Hearts in Nightingale and tips on finding them. Image via Inflexion.

How to Get Elder Eotan Hearts in Nightingale

To find the Elder Eotan, you must first unlock the Hunt Realm Card from your Abeyance realm. You will need to hit certain requirements of comfort, hope and gear scope to access the dungeon, so make sure to meet those requirements first, which you can find in your quest log.

Craft the Tracking Legend Enchantment

Now that you have the Hunt Realm Card enabled, you need to track the Elder Eotan in Nightingale. The best way to do so is via the Tracking Legend Enchantment. To do that, players can find the Enchantment at the Desert Provisioner Essence Trader. Go ahead and get to that world; it will enable you to find the Bosses going forward significantly easier.

Look for the golden line that trails off into the distance after using the Track Legend spell. This indicates where the last location of the Apex creature was upon activating the Track Legends spell.

Go ahead and craft the Enchantment at the Refined Enchanter’s Focus, and then apply it to a tool you’re not too bothered about consuming an enchanting slot on. It’s likely to pair best with a skinning knife since it can be used to track fabled creatures, too, which are often beasts.

Once you’re ready, you can head to the Forest Hunt Realm and use the Track Legend spell. When you use the spell, you will find that the spell creates a sort of ‘follow-me’ line that points you in the right direction. See the image above for reference. Be aware that the bosses tend to move around the biome, so you will need to keep using the spell occasionally to ensure you’re on the right track. You’ll know you’re on the right path when a boss HP bar shows up.

Elder Eotan Boss Tips

When you find the boss, be aware you’re fighting a big tree. You better believe that Fire damage is the best course of action on your weapons or gun ammo, alongside using Axes to deal the most amount of damage to the boss. It is a tree, and Eotan don’t like Axes :). Did I mention the boss is a big tree, so expect vine attacks with thorns sprouting over the place to trap and damage you. Oh, and watch for the attacks that fling you around the pace in case you fight it near a cliff edge and get yeeted.

If you need some extra damage to take on the boss, we recommend applying a card that increases the damage of your ranged weapon that you like using, or ones that make stamina more efficient. The Weighted Card is ideal for tools combat, or you can buy the Outlaw, Marksman or Blunderbuss card recipes now that you have the Hunt worlds unlocked. You can find the Outlaw card from the Swamp Hunt, the Blunderbuss from Desert Hunt, and the Marksman from the Forest Hunt essence traders.

If you’re desperate, feel free to recruit some friends or ask around in forums for some help. Apex Hunts are bosses, after all, and you can invite people to the realm you’re on by inviting them to the party and setting off on the hunt together.

This concludes everything you need to know about the Elder Eotan in Nightingale. Hopefully, you now know how to track and defeat the Elder Eotan in Nightingale and get its Hearts. Good luck with completing the questline to unlock the Watch and enjoy the matchmaking end-game content.

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