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How to Get Vibrant Ink – Nightingale

Scott Peers

There are several essential items that you’ll need to craft realm cards in Nightingale, and as you progress through the game, you’ll find that you need to get ever rarer materials to craft the higher-tier cards. One of the first components you’ll need for these rarer cards is Vibrant Ink, a deeper, more saturated ink than the more basic Alchemical Ink. There’s a chance of finding Vibrant Ink out in the wilderness while exploring, either as a reward from POIs or from random chests, but the most reliable method of obtaining it is by crafting. On this page, we’ll show you everything you need to know to make as much Vibrant Ink as you need.

You need Vibrant Ink to craft some of the most useful Realm Cards in Nightingale.

If you’re just looking for a quick overview of how to craft Vibrant Ink, you can check the bulleted list below.

  • Craft Refined Pigment using gathered materials such as meat, flowers, or berries
  • Mine quartz deposits for Raw Gems, then craft Glass using the Brazier
  • Use the Refined Pigment and Glass to craft Alchemical Ink at the Refined Mortar Station
  • Craft Gunpowder using Sulphur and Coal and combine it with regular inks to produce Vibrant Ink

Read on for a more detailed overview explaining how you can get the ingredients listed above.

Crafting Vibrant Ink in Nightingale

The process of crafting Vibrant Ink in Nightingale can seem intimidating at first. There are quite a few steps required to get the required ingredients, and a few different refinement processes are involved which you’ll need to go through using different crafting stations. By the time you need Vibrant Ink, you should already have a Refined Mortar Station at your base, but if you haven’t yet found the recipe for this crafting station, you’ll need to visit some Provisioner and/or Astrolabe realms and purchase it from the Essence Traders there first.

Craft Refined Pigment at the Refined Mortar Station

Once you have the Refined Mortar Station set up at your base, you should be able to see the three main recipes that you need: Refined Pigment, Alchemical Ink, and Vibrant Ink. The first thing you need to do is craft some Refined Pigment, but it’s not immediately obvious in terms of what you can use for this recipe. Fortunately, you can actually use almost any resource that you gather or hunt, such as different types of meat, berries, or flowers. If you’re ever in doubt, just go exploring for these basic ingredients, and bring them back to the crafting station.

Craft Alchemical Ink with Refined Pigment and Glass

Now that you have some basic ingredients that you can turn into Refined Pigment, you’ll need to place at least two of them in the ingredient slot to produce one Refined Pigment. You’ll eventually need 12 Ink (Alchemical Ink is acceptable) to produce one Vibrant Ink, so make sure you’ve gathered plenty of ingredients. In addition to any form of meat, berries, flowers, or other viable material that you’ve gathered, you’ll also need some Glass to craft the Alchemical Ink, which you can craft at the Brazier crafting station. You’ll need a decent stock of Raw Gems to produce Glass, which you can find as a mined material in pretty much any realm, including in your Abeyance realm.

(1 of 2) Gunpowder can be crafted at the Refined Masonry Bench, or looted from humanoids in Desert realms.

Gunpowder can be crafted at the Refined Masonry Bench, or looted from humanoids in Desert realms. (left), You can use most basic ingredients, such as meat and flowers, to produce Refined Pigment. (right)

Craft Vibrant Ink with Gunpowder

After crafting some Alchemical Ink with the Refined Pigment and Glass, you’ll almost have everything you need to start producing Vibrant Ink. However, the final ingredient for the recipe is Gunpowder, which you can craft at the Refined Masonry Bench using Sulphur and Coal. If you haven’t found much of either of these materials in your adventures yet, you can check Essence Traders, especially in Desert realms, to purchase Gunpowder directly from them. Alternatively, you can kill humanoid enemies in Desert regions to get Gunpowder since they have a good chance of dropping it.

And there you have it, the process of crafting Vibrant Ink, hopefully simplified with these few simple steps! You can now use this rarer ink type to craft some of the higher-tier cards in Nightingale, granting access to realms with new recipes and materials. If you want to learn more about different types of realms and realm cards, be sure to check the links below.

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