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Dauntless vs Mystic Tools – Nightingale

Scott Peers

There are currently two main endgame forms of tools/weapons in Nightingale: Dauntless and Mystic. The recipes for these can only be acquired once you reach The Watch, which is a multiplayer hub that you’ll inevitably find while progressing through the main story. Although you can see the recipes for purchase from NPCs at The Watch, you can’t see anything related to their stats. On this page, we’ll show you the main differences between both sets of tools, breaking down the core stats for you to view at a glance.

You need to reach The Watch before you can get the recipes for Dauntless and Mystic tools.

Best Endgame Tools and Weapons in Nightingale

As of the early access release, there are a fair few weapons to choose from once you reach the endgame content at The Watch in Nightingale. The Dauntless and Mystic tools are the main forms of melee weapons that you’ll have access to at this stage, but you can also find recipes for firearms ranged weapons such as the Lee Metford Rifle, Eclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun, Porter Pistol, Webley Revolver, and the Winchester Rifle. These are all good choices if you want to focus on ranged damage, but even if that’s your main combat playstyle, the tools are useful to have for gathering resources, or for situations where you might run out of ammunition.

If you’re not sure where to find the recipes for the Dauntless and Mystic tools, you need to speak with the Essence Traders on the southeast side of the main hall at The Watch. The names of the traders actually change frequently, so keep that in mind. Each recipe will cost you 1,300 T3 Essence, so you’ll need to complete a lot of Apex runs (which can be done through the portals on the level below the trading hall) to get enough.

So, if you’re wondering about which melee tools are the best in the endgame, whether you want to use them primarily as tools or also as weapons, read on.

(1 of 2) You’ll need a lot of T3 Essence to get the Dauntless and Mystic tools.

You’ll need a lot of T3 Essence to get the Dauntless and Mystic tools. (left), The same recipes can be found for each variant from the Essence Traders at The Watch. (right)

Dauntless Tools Stats

As you can see from the table below, the Dauntless tools are generally more powerful in terms of their base melee damage output, and they provide more Strength with the Axepick and Maul variants. The Maul has the highest capacity for melee damage by far, so it can be a good option for your companion if you want to use it for melee damage support in combat. Alternatively, if you want to use it yourself for melee damage, you’ll have the added bonus of the additional Strength stat that it provides, almost double that of the Mystic variant. Overall, you’re getting much more melee damage with every Dauntless tool over their Mystic variants, with the same stamina cost, so it’s a no-brainer for you to use the Dauntless tools if melee combat is your thing.

Tool Melee Damage Weak Point Damage Stamina Cost Strength Weight Magick Power
Dauntless Wood Axe 207 1.5 5 17.5 2.5 25
Dauntless Axepick 156 1.5 5 15 2.5 25
Dauntless Mining Pick 241 2.2 6 17.5 2.5 25
Dauntless Hammer 124 2 4 10 1.5 25
Dauntless Maul 368 N/A 6 40 5 25
Dauntless Sickle 131 1.4 4 7.5 1 25

Mystic Tools Stats

The Mystic tools are clearly inferior in terms of base melee damage output, but the key difference here is that they have double the Magick Power that the Dauntless tools have. There isn’t much in the way of magick damage options with melee tools in Nightingale as of the early access, but if you like using spells in general, the Mystic tools may be preferable. It remains to be seen if we’ll get more spell enchantments for weapons which might further enhance their magick damage output, but if this happens, the Mystic tools may edge out the Dauntless tools in terms of damage output with the right build.

Tool Melee Damage Weak Point Damage Stamina Cost Strength Weight Magick Power
Mystic Wood Axe 152 1.5 5 17.5 2 45
Mystic Axepick 115 1.5 5 10 2.5 45
Mystic Mining Pick 177 1.8 6 17.5 2.5 45
Mystic Hammer 91 2 4 12.5 1.5 45
Mystic Maul 270 N/A 6 22.5 5 45
Mystic Sickle 96 1.2 4 7.5 1 45

And there you have it, the key base differences between the Dauntless and Mystic tools. It should be noted that you can massively increase the stats for both weapons depending on the materials and upgrades that you use. The numbers listed in the tables above are based on versions of the tools that haven’t been improved with different materials. If you want to learn more about the best materials to use for tools, be sure to check our Best Materials for All Tools in Nightingale page.

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