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Nightingale Farming Guide

Craig Robinson

Farming is a key part of survival games, offering players the opportunity to grow the crops they need for their food and survival needs. Whether that be growing your favorite material for spice food buffs, growing wheat for your advanced recipes, or a certain type of crop for alchemy. No matter what you want to farm in Nightingale, there are a few important tips and tricks you will need to know to take full advantage of the system.

We teach you everything you need to know about farming in Nightingale.

How to Make a Farm in Nightingale

First and foremost, players will need to visit the Forest Antiquarian Realm to unlock the ability to farm in Nightingale. You can purchase the Farm Box recipe from the Essence Trader alongside the Watering Can in the biome. The Watering Can is a tool that you will need to fill up from water sources and then pour on the farm boxes with seeds in them to make sure they grow. You will need a small amount of T1 Essence to purchase both of these recipes.

Once you have the recipes, craft a Farm Box at a base, and then craft the Watering Can at the Workbench. You can now start your farms. Place a seed you want to grow in the Farmbox, then it will grow over time as long as it has been watered, and remains watered. Think of the same indicator as the fuel indicator on your crafting stations - that runs out when you need to water the plant to continue its growing cycle.

If the idea of watering your plants constantly hurts your mind, especially if a water source is a bit of a trek from your base, then consider activating the Tempest Realm Card. The Tempest enables permanent rain in your biome, meaning that your plants will always be watered as long as you grow them outdoors.

The other tip we have for farming is that you can use the Farm Minor Card and the Charm of Bounty. Charm of Bounty increases the yield of resources from plants, meaning you can get more from your crops as long as you apply it to your gear before harvesting. In addition, if you want to increase yields even further, you can try the Farm Realm card. The Farm and Settler cards both increase crop growing speed and yields but come with different downsides. If you want to maximize your crop growing speeds and yields to the best possible outcome, combine the Charm of Bounty and either a Farm Card or Settler Card.

Realm Card Essence Trader Locations

You can see the locations for all Realm Card Essence Traders below.

  • Farm - Forest Hunt Essence Trader
  • Settler - Forest Antiquarian
  • Settler Eminent - Forest Herbarium
  • Settler Apogean - Ascended Forest Astrolabe Essence Trader
  • Tempest - Swamp Astrolabe
  • Tempest Eminent - Swamp Gloom
  • Tempest Apogean - Ascended Swamp Antiquarian

This does mean you have a choice of what realm cards to apply for farming purposes. Tempest is likely the best option in the Herbarium realms. Herbarium realms greatly increase crop growing speeds by default, making them perfect farming worlds. Meanwhile, if you have farms anywhere else in other realms, you should be looking to make farming bases near water sources to make it more convenient if you do need to manually water them. That way, you can easily water the crops and use the Farm or Settler to increase yields.

Lastly, if you need seeds, you can convert five of any plant into a seed from the Mortar Station. Be mindful that you can easily enter a negative balance if you don’t use modifiers to get more crop yields for the crop you want to farm.

This concludes all the farming tips we have for you in Nightingale. Hopefully, you have an idea of how the farming system works and know how to create the best case scenario for your crop needs.

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Nightingale is a PvE open-world survival crafting game with a few unique features for the genre. First among these is the Realm Card system, whereby players can discover and craft Major or Minor realm cards to influence aspects of procedurally generated worlds or character attributes respectively. You may find yourself in a more forgiving or hostile world depending on the Major cards you use, but the Minor cards can give you an edge against foes with boosts to damage, health, stamina, or other aspects of survival. The game is set in the Victorian era and has more than a little influence from Steampunk fiction, so if that’s anything like your thing, you’ll love this world!

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