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How to Get T2 Essence in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

T2 Essence is the blue essence in Nightingale, which is used as a currency for various later game cards and magickal crafts. Additionally, you can use it to improve your Gear Score further, alongside purchasing more recipes from the Gloom and Herbarium Realms. As part of the game’s progression system, you must purchase upgraded workbenches, weapon, and tool recipes. You’ll also use it for housing-related items to unlock more recipes via Augmentations, upgrading your Estate Score and other facets to continue with the game. To help you through the grind, here is a closer look at ways to efficiently farm T2 Essence in Nightingale.

Best T2 Essence Farming Tips

When it comes to gathering T2 Essence in Nightingale, you need to enter the mid-tier realms of the Gloom and Herbarium. And, like the T1 Essence, you can find this as a reward for completing all the POIs in those realms.

Fae Towers always award the highest amount of T2 Essence in Nightingale due to having three short and easy objectives to complete in a small area of the map.

However, if you’re looking to farm T2 Essence in Nightingale efficiently, then we have a strategy for you to try.

  1. Open a fresh Realm and go straight for the Fae Tower
  2. Defeat the Fae Tower
  3. Activate a Treasury Card in the Realm Card Machine

Firstly, the Fae Tower is always the best place to go to for T2 Essence, you have three objectives in a short space of each other, meaning you can get anywhere between 60-90 Essence within a few minutes. Clear that out, and get your burst of T2 Essence.

The other advantage of this is that when you reach the top of a Fae Tower, you can use minor cards. Using the Treasury Card is known to increase the rate you acquire various Essences worldwide. So, you’ll find more T2 Essence for harvesting, fighting enemies, and potentially more from your chests and Hope Echoes after completing POI objectives like the Bastilles of Might, Intelligence, Investigation, and Agility. Activating the card before starting your major resource farms or POI Essence farms will greatly increase your overall output.

Players can get the Treasury Card from random drops in Fae and Human Chests, or craft it by purchasing the Treasury Eminent recipe from the Forest Provisioner Essence Trader, or the regular Treasury card from the Forest Astrolabe Essence Trader.

When you have done this, you can start completing the rest of the realm, harvesting materials, and then completing other POIs and their tasks. This concludes how to get T2 Essence in Nightingale efficiently.

What to Use T2 Essence on in Nightingale

For the most part, you are going to need to farm around 500-600 T2 Essence in Nightingale. You will need the material to purchase needed recipes for your estate largely. One of the final tasks you have before making it to the early end-game is to unlock the Hunt Card. To do this, you will need to improve your Estate Score. It means you are going to need to buy various furniture, light sources, and other Augmentations to improve the Estate score of your base surrounding the Carin Estate structure you placed.

You’ll likely start spending your T2 Essence on helping with material grinds you need for your more specific and targeted crafting needs.

In addition, you will also start upgrading your tools again. This will enable more weapon enchantments, Infusions, and spells to add to them, alongside more Gear Score to reach those higher-tier end game realms.

You will also need to use this Essence to purchase a heap of specific materials and resources to help fund your mid-game farming to use higher-tier resources without constantly loading up new realms.

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