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What are Offering Altars in Nightingale?

Craig Robinson

Offering Altars are a special type of POI that players can stumble upon while out in the realms. Those of you who interact with it can offer something nice to the altar and, in return, get some Eoten Lumber from it. However, those of you looking for a bit more of a fight can take on the lurking lumber beneath the ground and fight a battle for some nice materials. Here’s a closer look at the Offering Altars in Nightingale.

How do Offering Altars Work in Nightingale?

From our experience, the Offering Altars allow the user to place an item into the altar, in exchange for a reward. For the most part, the reward either tends to be a doubling of the item you already gave it, a piece of Eoten Wood if you give it food, or, if you give the altar something a bit more hostile, like Chitin, then the creature rises and attacks you.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about Offering Altars in Nightingale.

If you don’t want to interact with the Offering Altar, killing the creature is possible. Near the Altar, players should find an inconspicuous tree. If you walk up to it without a wood-cutting axe equipped, you will find that the tree is an Eoten. Its giveaway is that it does not have an item level requirement to hit the tree. If you then attack the tree with a tool, you will deal damage instead of chopping at the tree, and thus force the fight to occur.

Defeating the Eoten

After hitting the tree, the creature will then slowly rise out of the earth, as it would do if the offering offends the creature. It will then spawn vines around you, closing an arena, which can later be used as weapons against you. Be careful of the big swings and other big attacks, as they can launch you around and deal damage.

The other major tip to know about the battle is that the Eotens are weak to fire damage and chopping damage from axes. We recommend using either fire ammunition against it or using the axe as your tool for damage. This will be the best way to progress through the enemy’s HP, no matter the realm power of the world and enemy strength you come up against.

When the creature is defeated, it will drop resources equivalent to the tier you are on. You will get Eoten Hearts, which are a food you can throw into meals, alongside the tiered Eoten Woods equivalent to the realm power of the creature you battled. Tier 1 is below 50, Tier 2 is higher than 50, and T3 is around 100.

The final comment we have for Offering Altars and Eotens is that you will need to fight one of these creatures as part of the main questline. You will need to hunt the Apex Hunt version and get Elder Eoten Hearts, as the quest requires the creature’s hearts to create the portal to the Watch, an end-game hub space.

This concludes everything you need to know about Offering Altars in Nightingale and what to expect from them.

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