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How to Get Watering Cans & Tips in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Watering Cans are one of the several unlockable tools players can use in Nightingale. You’ll likely need a watering can if you’re all about making pretty farms, servicing your plant fibre needs, or specific crops for meals. Here’s everything you need to know about watering cans in Nightingale, including how to get one, alongside other watering tips and tricks for your farming needs.

Here’s a closer look at Watering Cans in Nightingale, featuring how to get them and the best tips to use them.

How to Get Watering Cans in Nightingale

Players must unlock the Antiquarian realm to get their hands on Watering Cans in Nightingale. Defeat the first dungeon in your Abeyance Realm, and then follow the quest towards the Forest Antiquarian. While you’re in that realm, you can spend some of your T1 Essence on buying farming-related recipes, such as the Farming Bed, the Watering Can, and the Plant Pot. Make sure to farm some T1 Essence, and then grab the Watering Can and one of the other two seed-based placeable building pieces.

When you have your farm set up, either the farm spot itself or the plant, you will now need to water the plants. This is where the Watering Can will come into play. Players can find that they can build it on their Workbench. To do this, you will need one Stone Block, one Wood Bundle, and two Straps, which you make from the Tanning Stations. Combine the materials, and you’ll have your Watering Can.

Watering Can Tips

Now that you have the can, you must equip it in one of your tool slots. The next task at hand is to find a watering source. If you’re in the Desert, then you will need to walk towards an oasis, which you should be able to spot on your map. If you’re in the Swamp, go towards the various clean pools, while Forest biome players can head to the coast, rivers, or lakes and grab fresh water that way.

Note that the Watering Can does not hold that much water. You’ll be able to get around five crop watering sessions done before you need to refill. So, it means lots of watering. If you’re in the Herbarium realm or have played a card that increases plant growth speed, then you will need to be watering a lot. We strongly recommend building farms close to water sources to increase your efficiency for watering plants or use the Tempest Card if the watering needs are too great. The endless rains automatically water plants, removing the need for a Watering Can.

With that said, this should conclude everything you need to know about Watering Cans in Nightingale. You now know how to make one and know the best tips for gathering water for your cans. Good luck with your farming needs, and if you need more farming tips in Nightingale, we have you covered there too.

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