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Nightingale 'Roadmap' Revealed

Craig Robinson

Inflexion Games, the developers behind Nightingale, have announced their long-term and short-term development priorities ahead of the 0.1 patch. The Canadian Development Studio revealed a roadmap for Nightingale, detailing the changes they want to make to the game. Most are technical issues, but they mention upcoming new gameplay content and other features to come. Here’s a closer look at the Nightingale Roadmap and what you can expect to see in the game soon.

We will explain what the future of Nightingale will look like through the short-term EA development cycle. Image via Inflexion.

Nightingale Roadmap Explained

On March 5th, Nightingale’s roadmap was released. It provides a priority feature for what you can expect to come over the next few months of its early access window.

Short Term Long Term
Reduce connection issues Craft from storage
Skip tutorial option Queues crafting
Additional gameplay balances Add offline mode
Fix ingot crafting exploits Questline updates
Improvements to farming loop Additional NPC functionality
Auto storage stack Improved enemy AI
New building components
New projectile weapons

There’s also a comment about adding new biomes, major and minor realm cards, weapons, enemies and more. So, expect this type of content to appear randomly as the patches roll on through. The new cards and biomes should be the big tickets as it will give you all new resources and modifiers to look forward to. Keep an eye on the official Nightingale store pages, news sections, and the Nightingale Discord updates.

The official Nightingale Roadmap throws in some upcoming gameplay changes, along with plenty of stability improvements.

Unfortunately, the update came without a proper roadmap of when to expect these sorts of patches. We know that Nightingale is expected to be in Early Access for a year, meaning that the short-term and medium-term plans for the game will likely roll out within the next few weeks to a few months. This should help to give you a better idea of when to expect the short-term changes before they start working on the more major medium-term feature changes in the coming months. You can see examples of this in the recent 0.1.1 patch, aiming to improve stability of the game, alongside bug fixes.

On a side note, we are aware through conversations with the devs pre-EA launch, that they indicated companions were getting better command options. You should expect to see options to tell Companions to patrol, harvest, defend and other such options.

For more information, please visit the official Nightingale news post for more info.

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