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How to Get T3 Essence in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

T3 Essence is the final tier of essence in Nightingale which you’ll use to buy the best quality of recipes, materials and upgrades. When you reach the endgame, after completing all the dungeon quests in your Abeyance realm, you should stat working through NPC quests to reach the endgame. Once you’re there, you’ll have a whole host of Essence Traders to visit at the Watch, along with your Ascended Realm progression. Here is a closer look at how to get T3 Essence in Nightingale, and what you will use it on.

Best T3 Essence Farms in Nightingale

When you reach T3 worlds, you will have a lot more methods to get T3 Essence in Nightingale. The best way we found is by completing tasks with groups of players at The Watch. These offer groups of six players to match together and then go through what are essentially bigger versions of the Vaults that you’ve been playing through as you explore Fae Ruins in your Realms. You’ll often find a few objectives like Bastille of Might, Agility, Intelligence or Insight, perhaps some Defense missions and other such content. At the end of the run, you’ll fight a boss and grab a lot of treasure at the end of the run, with a lot of it being T3 Essence.

T3 Essence locations in Nightingale come from end-game content like Ascended realms and The Watch end-game activities.

If you’re not interested in the Watch end-game content, then you can employ similar methods of farming T1 Essence and T2 Essence. Instead, you can go to the Ascended Realms using any form of Ascended Major card you have unlocked from the end game. These are essentially end-game versions of all the Realm Cards you’ve been to so far, and will always award T3 Essence.

Like the other strategies, we recommend running to a Fae Tower straight away, completing it for 60-90 T3 Essence, and then applying for a Treasury Card. Treasury Cards grant bonus Essene rewards from your fighting and harvesting, so as you complete Bastille and Defense missions, you should naturally find some more T3 Essence as you explore and complete the remaining POIS in a realm for increased efficiency when farming T3 Essence in Nightingale.

What is T3 Essence Used For in Nightingale?

For the most part, T3 Essence is the main end-game resource. You will be using this to purchase all the Excellent quality crafting stations for your base, helping you to unlock all the recipes in the game. You can also buy more end-game augmentations from Watch and Ascended Realm vendors, and even get a few more tileset unlocks if you fancy the Bhutan or the Pagoda-style building pieces.

There are many recipes you can unlock with T3 Essence in Nightingale, which means a lot of end-game priority purchases and essence farming.

In addition, you can get the recipes for new tools, crafting the Ornate and Dauntless tools, alongside purchasing more recipes for craftable potions, realm cards and more. The other thing you want to spend your T3 essence on is the higher tier resources available for purchase at end-game resource vendors, as you can seriously get some luxury goods to min-max your tools and guns, making them the most efficient resource gatherers or fighting tools that you can obtain.

This concludes everything you need to know about T3 Essence in Nightingale. You should now know the best ways to farm the resource, alongside what you want to use the resource on.

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