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How to Get Higher Tier Resources in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Nightingale crafting system offers players a twist on the crafting element of the game. In other survival games, you’re always searching for specific resources, whereas in Nightingale, you’re looking for higher-tier items to improve the base refined items for your crafts. You’ll naturally be increasing Gear Score, so creating gear with better base materials is a huge part of the game. But where do these materials come from? By and large, it is realm-specific or tier-specific, so here’s a general idea of how to get higher-tier resources.

Here is a look at how to get higher-tier resources in Nightingale, featuring realm cards, tools, and other important information. Image via Inflexion

Where to Find Higher Tier Resources in Nightingale

For the most part, there are a few general rules you need to follow to get higher-tier materials in Nightingale. The first general rule is that higher-tier materials tend to come from a further increase in challenge levels of the cards you play. In general, the tier of resources belongs to the following levels:

Nightingale Realm Tiers

  • Crude: Abeyance and all basics across other tier realms.
  • Tier 1: Astrolabe, Antiquarian, and Provisioner
  • Tier 2: Herbarium, Gloom
  • Tier 3: The Watch, Apex Hunts, Ascended Realms

Some of the resources are affected by biome. For example, players can find Tin, a common crude and Tier 1 ore in the forest biome, but you will find Iron and Nickel in the Swamp and Desert, each of which offers different benefits to form ingots and then into other materials. You are also more likely to find higher-tier plant fibers and woods in the forest biomes, and less likely to find them in the desert. Different creatures will also spawn in different biomes too, alongside plants, crops, and other examples of raw materials. You’ll often see lumber and plant fiber tiers by the unique color shading of the plant or tree compared to its natural environment.

Higher tier Plant Fibers often stand out from their surroundings due to their stark colour scheme differences from their natural surroundings.

If you need higher-tier materials, combine different combos of tier-1 major realm cards with biomes, and experiment with what you get. It is worth mentioning that you want to improve your tools to meet the item level requirements to harvest certain materials.

Another important part of finding higher-tier resources can sometimes spawn in lower-tier worlds. You occasionally come across special trees, stones, or ores requiring more than 230 item levels of that associated tool to harvest. These are a few examples of the types of things you can encounter in minor worlds, so keep a note in case you need to return to those worlds and grab them in case you fail to generate specific items in the future.

Resources from Essence Traders

The other way of grabbing higher-tier resources is via the Essence Trader. Typically, the Essence Trader in different tiers of realms tends to sell a variety of refined items and specific types of raw materials. Normally, a Tier 1 item will cost some quantity of Essence Dust and T1 Essence, while T2 Materials will cost T2 Essence, and so forth. It is worth checking the Essence Traders for specific items you may want to use for your crafting purposes from the Shops menu or while you’re on a realm from time-to-time.

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