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How to Get Guns in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

As you may have seen from marketing materials on Nightingale, players can get their hands on guns. From action rifles to pistols and shotguns, there are various types to play with. However, in the early game, guns are an elusive figure, with the slingshot being the only ranged weapon you can get your hands on for most of the early game. So, to help you focus on unlocking guns in Nightingale, we are here to give you the low-down.

We’ll teach you how to get and use guns in Nightingale, such as this rifle.

Where to Find Guns in Nightingale

Players must reach the early mid-game to get guns in Nightingale. You’ll first need to work your way through the game, increasing your gear score and then unlocking the ability to enter the Provisioner dungeon in your Abeyance realm. To get the Provisioner Realm Card, you must acquire the required gear score needed to enter the dungeon in your Abeyance realm. Once you’re there, head inside, defeat the boss, and get the card. You can now access these realms to get the gun recipe you want to unlock.

With the realm card in hand, you can now find your first set of gun recipes to unlock in the following locations:

  • Lancaster Pistol - Forest Provisioner Essence Trader. 15x T1 Essence
  • Chassepot Rifle - Swamp Provisioner Essence Trader. 15x T1 Essence
  • Smoothbore Shotgun - Desert Provisioner Essence Trader. 15x T1 Essence

When you have the gun recipe you want, you can start crafting it. It is important to note that you will need to unlock the forge from other T1 realms, which enables you to turn Metal Ingots into specific parts. You’ll make weapon triggers, barrels, and other weapon parts for guns before you can craft a gun at a refined workbench.

(1 of 2) Players can find the early game gun recipes by accessing the Provisioner realms.

Players can find the early game gun recipes by accessing the Provisioner realms. (left), Players can find special magickal ammo that drops randomly form breaking containers in Fae Ruin vault dungeons in realm POIs. (right)

It is also worth noting that some of the recipes may require Augmentations. For example, the Lancaster Pistol will require you to place the Simple Saddle Bag down near the Refined Workbench. This enables you to craft the Lancaster Pistol and its ammo, as long as the Augmentation is placed in range of the Workbench, often illustrated by the green line going in the direction of the relevant crafting station it can improve.

Note that we also have a page on the best materials for guns in Nightingale. If you’re in the mood for min-maxing the gun you want to use with a certain plastyle, feel free to check that out too.

Arm Yourself Quest

However, to get the Refined Workbench, you must complete a quest named “Arm Yourself” or buy the recipe for the Refined Workbench for 15x T1 Essence from the Forest Provisioner Essence Trader. In the Forest Provisioner Realm, you’ll encounter Bass Reeves as part of the game’s quest line. He will give you the quest mentioned above, requiring you to get ammo and a ranged weapon. When you get any ranged weapon (including the Slingshot) and a set amount of ammo, return to him, and you can get a new quest to target practice and get heart shots against enemies. You’ll get the Refined Workbench to place in your base and then be able to craft the recipes for ranged weapons.

More Ranged Weapons

More gun recipes will unlock the more you place specific Augmentations down in your base and the further you progress into Tier 2 and Tier 3 content. So, make sure you keep an eye on future trader recipes, along with unlocks from POI objective completions to get your hands on other types of weapons.

You’ll also be able to get enchanted and magickal ammo from completing Vaults, which are often found inside special POIs in Tier 1 and Tier 2 realms, alongside the Watch end-game content. You can also craft ammo yourself from your base with certain recipes. It’s worth noting in case you want to use special ammo types for your guns.

And there you have it; you now know how to get your hands on guns in Nightingale. Hopefully, this guide helps you focus on the content you want to do and then progress to get the type of gun you’re most interested in.

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