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How to Solve Bastille of Intellect Puzzles in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Bastille of Intellect puzzles are one of many POIs that players can find while exploring the realms of Nightingale. Each realm will have some form of and multiple Bastille of Intellects in them, with the puzzles being random in design and pattern. To help you complete the mysterious Bastille of Intellect light puzzles, we’ll teach you about potential patterns and layout designs that you may encounter.

How to Complete Bastille of Intellect Puzzles in Nightingale

The general idea of the Bastille of Intellect puzzles in Nightingale is that the puzzle cores will light up in sequences. When you approach one, we recommend waiting for the puzzle to reset. The game procedurally generates all of the puzzles, meaning you’ll need to study each to ensure success. When you naturally stumble upon them, they often start the sequences without you having full knowledge of the crystal locations. So, the best strategy is always to wait for the sequence to recommence and then track the lights properly.

You’ll find the most common types of Bastille of Intellects are flat around ruins, and you can easily track the patterns.

Once the memory test ends, you can interact with the puzzle core gems in the order shown to you. Completing the puzzle in the right order will allow you to unlock the favor from the POI, which is often some kind of temporary buff that you can see above your HP. You can also claim essence bundles by beating them. You’ll get Essence Dust in the Abeyance Worlds, but the higher major cards you apply to create realms will award different tiers of essences, depending on the power of the cards you use.

It goes without saying that you can unlock random recipes for completing any of the POIs in the map. Intellect puzzles are no different.

On the other hand, if you fail the puzzle at any point, the puzzle will automatically reset. However, while the Bastille of Intellect resets, you will then have to fight off a few of the gloom enemies that spawn in. The enemies range from the basics to a few flask throwers and the lantern-head crawling ones. It’s nothing too dangerous, but it is worth noting.

Types of Bastille of Intellect Puzzles in Nightingale

In terms of layout, we have seen a few different types. You get the standard Bastille of Intellect puzzles on the ground. There will be three close to the Puzzle Core, and you can normally see all three in your direct line of sight. These are the most common types of puzzles you’ll see. Then there are the towers, where the crystals will be dotted around on different tower levels, potentially hanging off the others. There are also some in the Fae Towers, which have around five or six of them dangling from various points or platforms. These are generally more difficult to track properly due to various line of sight issues.

(1 of 2) Some of the more complex Bastille of Intellect puzzles in Nightingale may require climbing axes or foundations to reach all of the puzzle cores.

Some of the more complex Bastille of Intellect puzzles in Nightingale may require climbing axes or foundations to reach all of the puzzle cores. (left), You’ll need to find the 5-6 Intelligence crystals and track the order in which they light up to complete the the Fae Tower’s Intellect Puzzle. Some will be on podiums, while others hang from the walls. (right)

If you get the second or third variation, we recommend tracking the locations of the puzzle cores properly. It is very easy to lose sight of them. In addition, these two styles will require a climbing tool to access the towers and the ones hanging off the side of objects. If you don’t have climbing tools for the tower, building foundations can assist you with jumping between hard-to-reach places, depending on the layout. You’ll absolutely need them for the Fae Tower version, unfortunately.

With that said, this about sums up all you need to know about the Bastille of Intellect Puzzles in Nightingale. Good luck defeating them and claiming their buffs and essences. These will be a key part of your journey through various realms as you farm the different types of essence to aid with crafting progression, materials, and recipe unlocks.

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