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Best Ways to Complete Danu's 5 Bastille of Intellect Quests

Craig Robinson

When you start making your way through the major questlines in Nightingale, you will come across Danu in the Swamp Gloom worlds. While there, this big old giant druid will ask you to complete a set of tasks before she peacefully helps you through the questline. That task requires you to complete five Bastilles of Intellects, which there are a few techniques you can use to aid you.

This guide helps you with tips and tricks for completing the five Bastilles for the Silence of the Fae quest.

How to Complete Silence the Fae Tune Quest in Nightingale

If you’re looking to complete this efficiently, there are a few ways you can do this.

One is to load up a fresh Gloom world and complete the Bastilles of Intellects you find there. The other is to open up a T1 World and do the easier puzzles as quickly as possible. At this game stage, it depends on whether you want to farm T2 Essence or T1 Essence for efficiency.

When you’ve selected your world, speedrun towards the Fae Tower. Completing a Fae Tower reveals all the POIs (Point of Interest) on the map for you to scout, making tracking the Intellects you need easier.
Plan a course through the Bastilles, grab the five, and then return to Danu’s location in the Swamp Herbarium worlds.

Be warned: The easiest method of doing this in the T1 Worlds means you won’t really get many awkward Bastilles of Intellect. However, the Gloom realms tend to have puzzles with five or six puzzle mechanisms to interact with, often hidden in towers, behind smashable walls, and other tricky parkour-related spots. Some of these puzzles can take time, but those realms are not filled exclusively with them, which is only an inconvenience for every other puzzle you find.

We also advise against going to a Herbarium realm and doing those. Those realms, at least in our experience, tend to generate Agility puzzles that require less gravity or jump-increase minor cards to complete. You’ll have a lot of ‘fun’ completing those challenges.

With that said, complete the Intellect puzzles as you’d like and return to Danu with them to progress the peaceful pathway through the main storyline. If you need assistance you can read up on our Nellie Bly and the Sun Giant questline in Nightingale here.

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