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The Watch Guide - Nightingale

Matt Chard

When you reach the end of the main questline in Nightingale, you’ll reach a mysterious realm known as “The Watch”. The Watch is an area where you’ll finish off the main story quests before you’re introduced to the endgame, which is essentially completing dungeons known as vaults. There is much more to do at The Watch, but it can be quite perplexing initially. Read on to find out what you can do in The Watch, what vaults are available, and what other endgame activities there are.

The Watch is the social hub in Nightingale.

Reaching The Watch

Congratulations on reaching The Watch! The first thing you’ll notice is the changed perspective into the third person and a lot of people running around. If you didn’t know, The Watch is an online shared player space where you can team up with like-minded people to tackle the most difficult tasks that Nightingale has to offer. So, what should you do first? Well, continue with your quests for now. Eventually, you’ll need to speak to the elusive Allan Quatermain, the one person you’ve been searching for since the beginning of the game, who you can find by heading up the stairs in the center of the main room. Work your way through the few quests until you complete the questline fully, as you’ll get a choice of some epic gear that will help in the battles to come.

When you’re done with that, you’ll be onto the endgame. Due to it still being in Early Access, this part of the game is still under heavy development, but there’s still a fair bit to do. All of the Essence Traders located in The Watch have recipes for all of the best crafting stations, so you’ll want to start doing that first. Each recipe will cost you 100 T3 Essence, which can only be obtained from the vaults or the Ascended Realms with the former being the best way to get it so far. Once you have the stations, you’ll need the recipes to make use of them, and once again, you’ll obtain them from the numerous traders in The Watch (with some being in the Ascended Realms).

These recipes are expensive with them sitting at around 1,100 - 1,300 T3 Essence per recipe, so you will have to grind the ascended realms or vaults to acquire the essence. Then all that’s left is for you to grind your Gear Score to the highest level while you wait for new content to release. Currently, that is 260-270, but there is an exploit/bug at the moment that shows players at 350-400. This is done by equipping a couple of specific tools in each hand, but they’re not any stronger than if they had 270 gear on as it’s just a visual bug.

(1 of 2) Head up the stairs in the center of the tower.

Head up the stairs in the center of the tower. (left), And you’ll find Allan Quatermain. (right)

The Watch Facilities

When you enter The Watch for the first time, walk forward into the main building, and on the same floor, there will be numerous Essence Traders around the floor. Here is who they are and what they sell. This list is done clockwise (so left to right) starting at the main door. Note that the NPC’s names will change every time you enter The Watch, but their wares will not.

Miscellaneous Essence Trader

The Miscellaneous Essence Trader has Firearms, Realm Cards, Resources, and crafting recipes.

(1 of 2) The Traders can be found on the main floor around the edge of the tower.

The Traders can be found on the main floor around the edge of the tower. (left), Each one of them will have unique high-tier recipes. (right)

Type Recipe T3 Essence Cost
Firearms Lee Metford Rifle 1,300
Firearms Éclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun 1,300
Firearms Porter Pistol 1,300
Firearms Webley Revolve 1,300
Firearms Winchester Rifle 1,300
Realm Cards Antiquarian Ascended Card 75
Realm Cards Vault Card 75

Consumables Essence Trader

The Consumables Essence Trader has Potions, Cooking, Augmentations, and crafting recipes.

Type Recipe T3 Essence Cost
Potions Prodigious Potion Bundle (Prodigious Healing, Restful, and Curative Potions) 75
Potions Prodigious Abramelin Potion 75
Potions Prodigious Frosted Potion 75
Potions Prodigious Purifying Potion 75
Potions Prodigious Rejuvenating Potion 75
Potions Prodigious Sprinter’s Potion 75
Potions Prodigious Veiled Potion 75
Potions Prodigious Strengthening Potion 75
Cooking Ritual Meat 75
Augmentations Boat Wheel
Augmentations Mounted Creature Skull
Augmentations Bellows
Crafting: Basics Excellent Alchemical Boiler 100
Crafting: Basics Calcularian Stove 100

Clothing Essence Trader

The Clothing Essence Trader has numerous clothing recipes for each type of gear, augmentation, and Crafting Station Recipes.

Type Recipe T3 Essence Cost
Shirts and Tops Druidic Bundle (Shirt, Tophat, Boots, Breeches, Jacket) 1,100
Shirts and Tops Hermetic’s Casual Shirt 1,100
Hats Druidic Bonnet 1,100
Hats Passaieux Bundle (Elegant Bonnet, Matronly Gown) 1,100
Gloves Druidic Gloves 1,100
Gloves Hermetic’s Gloves 1,100
Gear Druidic Bundle (Coat, Skirt, Formal Shirt, Bonnet, Gloves) 1,100
Gear Hermetic’s Capelet 1,100
Boots and Shoes Hermetic’s Bundle (Boots, Veil, Casual Shirt, Capelet, Formal Shirt, Breeches, Gloves) 1,100
Augmentations Crude Coat Rack
Crafting: Refinement Weaving Loom 100
Crafting: Basics Excellent Sewing Bench 100

Mystic Tools Essence Trader

The Mystic Tools Essence Trader has numerous mystic recipes for each type of tool and Crafting Station Recipes.

Type Recipe T3 Essence Cost
Tools Mystic Core Tools (Wood Axe, Mining Pick, Hunting Knife, Sickle) 1,300
Tools Mystic Axepick 1,300
Tools Mystic Climbing Picks 1,300
Tools Mystic Fishing Rod 1,300
Tools Mystic Hammer 1,300
Tools Mystic Lantern 1,300
Tools Mystic Maul 1,300
Tools Mystic Spyglass 1,300
Tools Mystic Umbrella Glider 1,300
Tools Mystic Watering Can 1,300
Crafting: Basics Excellent Workbench 100

Dauntless Tools Essence Trader

The Dauntless Tools Essence Trader has numerous Dauntless recipes for each type of tool and Crafting Station Recipes.

Type Recipe T3 Essence Cost
Tools Dauntless Core Tools (Wood Axe, Mining Pick, Hunting Knife, Sickle) 1,300
Tools Dauntless Axepick 1,300
Tools Dauntless Climbing Picks 1,300
Tools Dauntless Fishing Rod 1,300
Tools Dauntless Hammer 1,300
Tools Dauntless Lantern 1,300
Tools Dauntless Maul 1,300
Tools Dauntless Spyglass 1,300
Tools Dauntless Umbrella Glider 1,300
Tools Dauntless Watering Can 1,300
Crafting: Basics Excellent Workbench 100

The Watch: Vault Dungeon Portals

At the bottom of the tower, you’ll find three portals: also known as vaults. Each portal will take you to a different vault, with each one having a different boss. These portals are shared with other online players and when you enter the portal, you’ll join up with them to make it through the vault and defeat the boss. This will reward you with approximately 400-500 T3 Essence, and whatever the boss drops as materials (need to loot the chest at the end).

(1 of 2) Head down the stairs next to Shiv to find the Portals.

Head down the stairs next to Shiv to find the Portals. (left), From left to right, you have the Desert dungeon with the Fabled Sun Giant, the Forest dungeon with the Fabled Elder Eotan, and the Swamp dungeon with Jana. (right)

Each vault will have a maze-like layout with numerous puzzles scattered around, which you’ll need to complete for T3 Essence. These puzzles are predominantly Bastille of Insight and Intellect puzzles, or Occupations. Aside from that, you’ll battle various enemies as you progress through the vault. When you complete three-to-four rooms, you’ll encounter a boss with new mechanics that you’ll need to defeat to get your rewards. You can complete these vaults as many times as you want, without restriction.

Here are the vaults starting from left to right as you head down the stairs near the NPC, Shiv Pierson:

  • Left Portal: Desert-type dungeon with the Fabled Sun Giant Boss. The chest for defeating this boss contains Ingot (Fabled Sun Giant) x5 and Pellucidic Etched Ingots x5.
  • Center Portal: Forest-type dungeon with the Fabled Elder Eotan Boss. Typically, it drops Elder Eotan Hearts among other loot.
  • Right Portal: Swamp-type dungeon with Jana as the boss; a large poison-spewing lizard who’ll drop Jana Bones, Meat, and Hide.

For now, that’s all there is to it. This will keep you busy for a little while, and we expect there’ll be a lot more come full release.

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