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How to Get Petrified Ichor Gem in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Petrified Ichor in Nightingale is one of the Bound-related drop items that players can find as part of the game’s difficulty curve progression. Players must get two of these items to complete the “Imitations of Life” quest from Viktor Frankenstein as part of the game’s progression to get into The Watch endgame zone. To aid you with completing the task, here’s a closer look at how to get Petrified Ichor Gems in Nightingale.

Where to find Petrified Ichor in Nightingale

To get your hands on the Petrified Ichor in Nightingale, players will need to defeat the Bound Haxan creatures. You will first encounter these creatures as part of the Gloom Site of Power questline in your Abeyance Realm. When you can enter the dungeon, look for the stationary Bound enemies with the crystal in their staff. These are the Haxan enemies, who will use their powers to shield an ally, making them immune to damage. Make sure to kill the Haxan, and then you can kill whatever ally it was protecting.

(1 of 2) You must kill the Bound Haxan in Nightingale to get Petrified Ichor Gems.

You must kill the Bound Haxan in Nightingale to get Petrified Ichor Gems. (left), Upon defeating the Bound Shaman enemy-type, you will find the Petrified Ichor where they once stood. (right)

Upon defeating one of the Haxan, it will drop a Petrified Ichor. You will need two of these to complete the quest. Note that there should be two in the dungeon, so you can easily complete that stage of the quest for Viktor when you’re ready to turn the rest of the materials back in.

After that, you can also find the Haxan and, therefore, the Petrified Ichor Gems from the Gloom realms onwards. These enemies will spawn as part of Occupations, along with nighttime enemy spawns. So, if you need to hunt anymore for those reasons, look to Gloom realms and beyond for those types of enemy spawns.

Don’t forget that you will need to get your hands on Yew Lumber and Hollow Ingots as part of the quest as well. These materials also drop from very specific enemies from the Bound. Make sure to check those guides to progress through Viktor’s Quest.

What do Petrified Ichors do in Nightingale?

Since Petrified Ichor is a gem, it means that you can use it to craft glass-related products. They will give players a nice 25% boost to Magick powers, alongside a 25% Resistance to Miasma. Miasma is the black and red mist that the Bound use to teleport in, and pelt you with alchemical concoctions and magickal attacks.

So, if you have any parts that require gems as a base material, and you intend to use them for magical means, then Petrified Ichor is a great material to farm for that purpose.

This concludes everything you need to know on the Petrified Ichor in Nightingale. Good luck with the quest and gathering any spares of the item you need for future crafting.

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