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How to Get Hollow Metal in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Hollow Metal is one of the Bound resources that players can find as part of their crusade against black and red mist baddies. As part of the game’s storyline, players will need to make their way through the Bound, gather their materials, and return them to Viktor Frankenstein as part of the quest chain to unlock the Watch. To assist players with this task, here’s a closer look at how to get the Hollow Metal resource in Nightingale.

Where to Find Hollow Metal in Nightingale

So, for the most part, Hollow Metal drops from a special type of enemy-bound creature. We first found the creature as part of the enemies that spawn in the Herbarium realms, especially during the Fae Towers and the Occupation mission objectives. They can spawn in other high realm score and tiered realms, but also at night as part of Bound night-type spawn hazards.

We found reliable sources of Hollow Metal at higher difficulty occupation battles, such as the one in Fae Towers.

The creatures you’re particularly looking for are the rogue-type enemies, who are tall and thin, with balaclava-type attire on their heads. They also dual wield dagger type weapons too, and attack you with very fast combos. Blocking and dashing away from their attacks are likely the best practices against these foes.

Hollow Metal and Viktor Frankenstein

Upon defeating these creatures, they will always drop the Hollow Metals. When you get a few of them, you can save them as part of the large hand in to Viktor Frankenstein to complete his quest, alongside using them for crafting. Bare in mind there’s a lot of materials required for Viktor’s quest, such as Yew Lumber.

The ingots themselves offer players 7.5% crit value alongside 40% stealth rating, meaning they are incredibly good tools for getting up close to enemies and then playing a stealth build. Feel free to use them on the knife-type weapon for those stealth weakpoint and backstab crit modifiers, or forging gun parts out of them if you intend to use shotguns at point-blank range too.

You can also find an improved version of the Hollow Ingots as a random chance to drop from the same enemy type. These Advanced Hollow Ingots should help players to further improve the item level of the stealth-based tools and guns they intend to forge for those playstyles.

With that said, this about concludes everything you need to know about Hollow Metal in Nightingale.

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