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Automaton Bishop Offering Walkthrough in Nightingale: Gift for a Gardener Questline

Craig Robinson

Players can complete a few peaceful questlines as part of the questline to reactivate the portal to the Watch in Nightingale for Nellie Bly. If you’re going down the Viktor Frankenstein route, then you will have the questline to deal with the Automatons. Part of the quest will require you to get the Automaton Parts for Nellie Bye, and if you do Viktor’s quest, you can get those parts easily. However, the “Suitable Gift for the Automaton Bishop” requires a few tricks before you can easily complete the “Automaton Bishop Offering” quest in Nightingale.

This guide teaches you how to complete the Automaton Bishop offering in Nightingale and complete the Gift for the Gardener Questline.

Automaton Bishop Offering Walkthrough in Nightingale

Players must create a Ritual Seed Nursery from their Workbench to complete the “Automaton Bishop Offering” quest in Nightingale for Viktor. To do so, you will need the following items:

  • 1x Gem
  • 1x Gem
  • 1x Chamomile Seed
  • 1x Glass

Chamomile Seeds are notoriously painful to find. However, it is known that the Swamp Herbarium worlds have fertile growth spots around landmarks, objectives, Fae Towers and other such POIs (Points of Interest). Make sure to check the surrounding areas as you can often find various plants growing around. You can also visit the Swamp Gloom map, and check on Danu’s hut, as she has a few plants growing in the front garden. The other materials shouldn’t be so hard to grab.

(1 of 2) Scout the map with your Spyglass, and you should see a Bishop appear in a group of Rooks and Pawns occasionally.

Scout the map with your Spyglass, and you should see a Bishop appear in a group of Rooks and Pawns occasionally. (left), The Bishop should spawn a white stone and blue crystal piece that you can interact with and place the Ritual Nursery Seed inside to complete the Gift for a Gardener quest. (right)

From there, you now need to travel to any Desert biome world. The Desert Astrolabe world works, so you can finish the quest off and then run back to Viktor. Make sure to bring the Ritual Seed Nursery with you to the world. While you’re there, we recommend equipping the Spy Glass, as it will make spotting the distantly rendered Automaton Bishops much easier. Be warned that there are only a few Bishop spawns on the map, and they are often located and grouped with the Rooks and Pawns. So, you may need to spend a few minutes running around the desert with your spyglass out, looking for groups that spawn near the cliffsides and distant mini forests.

When you do find one, approach the Bishop peacefully. If there’s combat going on with the nearby Scarabs or the Locust, then dispatch them without hitting the otherwise neutral to you Automatons. Your companion can also get hostile, so feel free to unequip their primary tool to avoid unnecessary fights. When you’re done, the Bishop should spawn one of those white stone and blue crystal pillars. Place the Ritual Seed Offering for the Automaton Bishop, and you should complete the quest to get Automaton Charm Oil. From there, you can return to Viktor and complete the “Gift for a Gardener Quest” in Nightingale.

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