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How to Get Straps in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Straps are a type of item that players can craft in Nightingale. When you’re in the early game, you’ll need a lot of straps, which are required to craft all your early game tools. When you start advancing through the game, you’re going to make more and more advanced level tools, so you will once again start the strap grind. In addition, straps will need to be used in your base building as you improve your base crafting progression. No matter what stage you’re on you’ll need a lot of straps to progress. Here’s a look at how to get Straps in Nightingale, helping you through the grind, along with tips on making better item level versions and gathering better materials.

Straps are a key item to begin crafting your simple tools and base-building projects. Here’s everything you need to know to make it easier to get Straps in Nightingale.

How to Make Straps in Nightingale

Firstly, to make Straps in Nightingale, players will need to craft themselves a Tanning Station. Tanning stations, regardless of the tier they are, will always enable you to craft straps. From there, you need to use Hide to create the Strap. Hide is a resource that you get from defeating animals using a skinning knife.

Look for Animal Hotspots for Hides

In the early game, when you need to upgrade all your crude tools to simple tools, you’ll need to go on a crusade against the local wildlife. We recommend crafting a slingshot and some stone marbles for ammo to take down animals that flee. Your other melee tools will be fine for combat if you can backstab or headshot the more aggressive beasts across the biomes. Have a walk around your map, and you should find various animal hotspots. Feel free to mark them on your map as they do respawn.

Once you have enough hide, you can craft your straps at your Tanning Station.

Hunt Animals in Higher Tier Worlds

When you’re at the point of improving, replacing or upgrading your items and need more item levels, then you will need to start using better tiered resources. We strongly advise hunting creatures in higher tier worlds. The Abeyance worlds only offer Crude versions of materials, while major cards increase the tier of items. The Astrolabe, Antiquarian, and Provisioner take you to tier 1 world, while the other worlds take you to tiers 2 and 3. You’ll naturally get more higher tier hides from other worlds as long as you fight and harvest the local wildlife.

(1 of 2) Fabled Creatures are a feature in Major Card world that you can hunt for special hides.

Fabled Creatures are a feature in Major Card world that you can hunt for special hides. (left), Defeating a Fabled Creature awards a Fabled Hide, which is a stronger version of basic hide that you can use to vastly improve materials. (right)

Hunt Fabled Creatures for Fabled Hide

You can also hunt special creatures known as Fabled creatures. These are like elite levels of mobs, with more health, damage and stats. Fabled Creatures drop special materials known as Fabled Hide, which is an even stronger version of hide. Feel free to use these items, as they can grant much better item level, stats, and more for crafting your straps and other leather-based items for your armor and weapons.

Essentially, using better hide will improve the straps you make, and this will improve the quality and item level of the tool or gear you make. This concludes everything you need to know about making straps in Nightingale.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get different types of Gems in Nightingale, check the link below.

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Nightingale is a PvE open-world survival crafting game with a few unique features for the genre. First among these is the Realm Card system, whereby players can discover and craft Major or Minor realm cards to influence aspects of procedurally generated worlds or character attributes respectively. You may find yourself in a more forgiving or hostile world depending on the Major cards you use, but the Minor cards can give you an edge against foes with boosts to damage, health, stamina, or other aspects of survival. The game is set in the Victorian era and has more than a little influence from Steampunk fiction, so if that’s anything like your thing, you’ll love this world!

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