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Unlocking the Antiquarian Major Card: Fabled Automaton Knight Guide

Craig Robinson

The Antiquarian Major Realm Card is the first major card quest you must beat to progress in Nightingale. Once you reach the fabled 20 Gear Score, you can enter the dungeon, fight your way down the levels, beat the spawning baddies, and then acquire the card recipe. However, at the end of the dungeon is a boss, so, we want to help you get prepared to complete the first dungeon quest in Nightingale.

How to get the Antiquarian Major Card in Nightingale

Now that you’ve reached 20 Gear Score, with your freshly crafted simple clothing, and simple tool of choice, make sure you have your slingshot and marbles ready as it is time to descend into the Antiquarian dungeon. Before setting off, make sure you are fully buffed with health and stamina meals, as they will buff your stats. Bringing a companion with you will also assist you greatly when the enemies start swarming you.

(1 of 3) Enter the Antiquarian Major Realm Card Dungeon with 20 GS, and work your way down the scaffolding, fighting off the pot throwers and their melee friends.

Now you’re prepared, it is time to climb to the top of the building and enter through the gate. Once inside, you’ll start seeing a few enemy spawns via the black and red mist, which you’ll have seen at Occupations beforehand. Continue going down the various levels, parkouring when possible.

When you reach the bottom of the darker, stoney area, you’re looking for a set of staircases going down. It shall bring you to an even darker stoney room, with a few more baddies and a spiral staircase (see image three above for context). This will bring you to the machine holding the recipe for the Antiquarian card, but you will need to activate a laser to access it. This will spawn a boss, which is the hardest part of the dungeon.

How to Beat the Fabled Automaton Knight in Nightingale

For the most part, the Fabled Automaton Knight has one major move to watch for, which we shall name Dash and Slash. The skill essentially is telegraphed by the glowing red gem on the sword of the Knight, with it dashing forward and attempting to uppercut you. Getting hit with it will deal significant damage and leave behind a slight burn for a second.

If you need a respite from the attack, feel free to get out of the boss’s line of sight. This will make it start walking toward your location, rather than locking-on and dashing toward you.

The boss will follow and charge up a dash-and-slash attack. When you can fight back, hit the crystal on the sword for bonus damage.

Now, as for killing the boss, there are two notable advantages. The red crystal on the sword is the source of the creature’s power. This will be a weak spot, giving you better chances to critique the creature. You can see this gem in the sword hilt in the image above.

The Fabled Automaton Knight also has a few things you need to know about the damage it can resist and what is effective. The best weapons to beat the boss are blunt weapon types. Your two-handed hammer weapons, or the one-handed repair hammer will damage it more because the blunt type will always be strong against plate armor. Meanwhile, piercing damage like skinning knives and chopping axes will deal reduced damage to the boss. Make sure to switch to a neutral or effective weapon type to beat the boss.

If you have your companion with you, be mindful to watch if they go down and get them back up to tank for you while you get some free hits in. Once the boss is dead, feel free to loot the recipe card and you can then leave. Go ahead and craft the enchanting table if you still need to do so, and then create the card to continue progressing through to higher tiers of resources, items, and worlds.

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