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How to Complete Fae Towers in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Fae Towers are one of the new POIs players unlock as they acquire Antiquarian realms and other higher-tier major cards. These towers are important for progression, as players will get rewards for creating their own custom portals at their bases. In addition, they are a solid source of essences and are a compulsory destination that you need to visit to activate minor cards on higher-tier worlds. Not to mention, you have a quest from Octavia at the very entrance to the first Antiquarian realm to enter one. However, Fae Towers pose a challenge, so here’s a closer look at what to expect and how to complete Fae Towers in Nightingale.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Fae Towers in Nightingale.

Where to find Fae Towers in Nightingale

First, you need to know that Fae Towers are the very large and thick tower-shaped buildings you can find on almost every map. You can often see them in the distance, and the game automatically marks them on the map for you. To enter one, you simply need to walk around the base of the tower. You should come across a large opening on one side, and then the tower will open its doors to you.

When you enter one, you will have three challenges to complete. The first and last challenge often involves taking on the spawning Gloom threats. By contrast, the challenge on the second floor will be random. It can either be a maze, a climbing puzzle or a Bastille of Intellect puzzle. With that said, you now know the basics of accessing Fae Towers and what to expert.

How to Complete Fae Towers in Nightingale

Before we get stuck into the main guide for completing Fae Towers, we’ll go over some things you can do to better prepare yourself.

Preparation Tips

One of the first things you should do before going into a Fae Tower is make sure you have some Essence Dust to repair your gear when inside, alongside having around 90 stamina while being fully buffed from food. You should also craft a Climbing Axe and equip it, as it makes completing the Bastille of Intellect and the Bastille of Agility challenge possible. If you have the quest from Octavia, make sure to infuse, upgrade, and enchant your weapon of choice, as some of the T1 gloomy enemies can be fairly tough. The better your Gear Score, the easier time you’ll have in the Fae Towers. We also recommend getting a Companion because they can soak some of the big guys for you while you get swarmed via spawning baddies. With those tips outlined, let us get into what to expect. Oh and make sure you have Healing Salves or some Healing Potions for recovering from injuries and healing mid combat.

The first floor spawns a wave or two of baddies for you to kill. Beat them, and you can progress through the tower.

At the base of the tower, you will find your first challenge. You will encounter enemies you fight in your current world, modified with any difficulty settings you apply when creating a realm. You’ll often find the basic slappy boys, maybe a flask chucker, perhaps a floating mage, and some of the bruiser or swordsman-type enemies, depending on the tier you’re in.

Bastille of Intellect Challenges

When you’re done fighting the bad lads, you will find a door that opens leading to a staircase. This will take you to another floor up for your next challenge. Again, the room might be different depending on Proc-Gen. You may need to complete the Bastille of Intellect challenges with around 5-6 memory nodes to activate (scattered in somewhat awkward positions). Alternatively, you might have a maze or an Agility parkour test to complete. Simply follow the pathways in the maze checking every corner. It’s difficult to get lost since the mazes are very small. If you have the Agility test, you’ll likely need to climb up objects or the walls and jump across to platforms. From there, run and jump across obstacles and get to the ledge on the other side of the room. You’ll see why we recommend having at least 90 Stamina for the challenges.

(1 of 3) You’ll need to find the 5-6 Intelligence crystals and track the order in which they light up to complete the challenge. Some will be on podiums, while others hang from the walls.

Now you’re at the final stage of the Fae Tower in Nightingale, you have a few enemies to fight back. It’s essentially the same as the downstairs battle. Beat the enemies and you’re done. When the enemies are down, you should be able to access the essence bundles as the reward, alongside the minor cards machine and the Fae Chest. The Fae Chest will always contain a few Synchronous Lotus items, ready for you to make your own custom portals at your own base. If you intend to keep the realm, feel free to use a desirable Minor Card and buff the world for your goals. When you complete your First Fae Tower, return to Octavia and complete the trial quest to move on.

Defeat the final hostiles at the top, and you shall complete the Fae Tower challenges in Nightingale.

And there you have it, you now know how to beat the Fae Towers in Nightingale. Again, make sure to create more portals and farm Essence from your worlds. Getting to the top of the tower often proves favorable as you scout the rest of the map for POIs to go on your Essence farming routes, which you can then use to pay for upgrades, new recipes, and buying materials from essence traders.

If you’re looking for some early game Nightingale tips, be sure to check out the page below.

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