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How to Craft Simple Armor - Nightingale

Ben Chard

A large part of Nightingale’s progression is centered around Gear Score and you improve that by increasing the quality of your weapons and armor. The dungeons provide a healthy challenge to Realmwalkers so you’ll need to make sure you’re dressed for the job! This page will tell you how you can go about crafting new armor in Nightingale.

Here’s how to craft Simple Armor in Nightingale.

Crafting New Armor in Nightingale

As mentioned above, you’re going to need to find new armor to replace the rags you start with if you wish to improve your Gear Score. Just simply upgrading your weapons is not enough. You won’t have to do too much work to create your first set of armor, but you will need some preparation first.

Where to Find the Simple Sewing Bench

To begin with, you’ll need to be done with the prologue and into your home realm, this will give you the ability to build an Estate Cairn. Take the time to build a house of some kind, with plenty of room for workbenches, you’ll need them! With that taken care of, you’ll need to set off for your realm’s Essence Trader, as you’ll need to purchase the Simple Sewing Bench.

You’ll most likely find that the Essence Trader of your home realm is located near the Antiquarian Dungeon, which for us, was unfortunately at the other side of the realm. To discover where your Essence Trader is, open the map and look for the marker that indicates them. Take the time to use a Sickle to gather plenty of Plant Fiber along the way and convert it to Essence in your inventory, you’ll need it once you reach the Trader.

Speak to the Trader once you arrive and you’ll be able to see the recipes they have for sale. The goal here is to purchase the Simple Sewing Bench (this will set you back 55 Essence) but try to purchase as many of the basic workbenches as you can while you’re here, especially if you need to make another long journey should you need to purchase something else. Once you have it in hand, return to your estate and build it, placing it close to a Campfire if possible for the Augmentations it will receive. To build it, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Wood Bundle x10
  • Plant Fiber x15
  • Bones x1

(1 of 2) Head to the Essence Trader and purchase the Simple Sewing Bench

Head to the Essence Trader and purchase the Simple Sewing Bench (left), you can then head back to your base and build it, allowing you to craft Simple Armor. (right)

Crafting Simple Armor

With your new Simple Sewing Bench, you can begin gathering the resources needed to craft the entire Simple Armor set. This is the first set of armor that offers any real protection against the enemies you’ll face early on, and it will have the added effect of bumping your Gear Score up to 20 (alongside upgraded tools), the required score needed for challenging the Antiquarian Dungeon!

You’ll need two resources to craft these, Leather and Plant Fiber in varying quantities for each piece. Plant Fiber can be found in abundance anywhere, but you’ll need to do a bit more work to get your hands on Leather. If you want to craft the full set, you’ll need nine pieces of Leather, and you can craft this by using Animal Hide at a Simple Tanning Station. If you’re short on hide, look around your starting location for any animal, wolves being the likeliest candidate in biomes such as the Forest.

There you have it; you should now be ready for the Antiquarian Dungeon which will allow you to progress your adventure. Once you reach new realms, you can purchase improved workbenches for more clothing recipes.

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