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All Quest NPC Locations - Nightingale

Ben Chard

Making your way through the realms in Nightingale is no simple task, and you’ll come across your fair share of trouble. Fortunately, there is a colorful cast of characters that will aid you in your search for the city. Most of these characters are all part of the main quest, so you’ll be seeing them a lot as you continue your realmwalking. This page will tell you where to find every Quest NPC in Nightingale.

Puck will be one of your greatest allies in Nightingale.

Where to Find All NPCs in Nightingale

As you follow the main quest in Nightingale, you should naturally come into contact with all of the following NPCs as you’ll be required to complete their quests to progress the main storyline and unlock more features. The table below will tell you the name of every quest NPC, the Major Realm Card you’ll need to play, and what biome they typically frequent.

Name Major Realm Biome Card
Puck All
Wilhelmina Sasse Abeyance All
Aurelio Acevedo Ortega Antiquarian Forest
Ludivine St. Clair Antiquarian Swamp
Victor Frankenstein Astrolabe Desert
Bass Reeves Provisioner Forest
Nellie Bly Herbarium Desert
Danu Gloom Swamp

Now that you know where to find these quirky characters, read on to find out a little more about them.


Puck is the central player in Nightingale’s story, and he’s the first one you’ll meet after creating your character. From him, you’ll learn all about the realms, the Fae, and everything in between. He acts as your guiding presence towards the city, the main goal of the adventure. Puck will present you with tutorial quests to get you going, and he’ll provide the main quests that direct you to the other characters.

Wilhelmina Sasse

Once you’ve had a taste of the realms, you’ll find yourself in your Abeyance realm, and it is here that you will meet Wilhelmina Sasse. She gives you quests early on that teach you the basics of the game, much like Puck, such as how to recruit a companion. She’ll become more important later, however, when she provides you with directions to locate Danu.

Aurelio Acevedo Ortega

Aurelio will be the first face you run into once you make your first trip to Antiquarian Forest realm. Upon speaking to him, he’ll recognize that you’re a bit green around the edges and give you some knowledge that every realmwalker needs to know by completing his various quests.

Ludivine St. Clair

You’ll meet the mysterious Ludivine St. Clair once you reach the Swamp version of the Antiquarian realm, and once again, she has quests for you. She’s gathering components for a ritual and tasks you with tracking them down.

Victor Frankenstein

Yes, you’ll run into Victor Frankenstein in Nightingale. When you meet him, he, like Ludivine, will task you with gathering several difficult to source materials, such as Hollow Metal, eventually helping you on your quest to unlock The Watch.

Bass Reeves

The legendary lawmen himself, Bass Reeves, can be found once you make your way to the Provisioner realm and as you may expect, his quests involve guns. You’ll learn how to craft them if you’ve yet to do so, and then he will set you on your way to complete the task of performing Heartshots.

The Grendel, Danu will aid you in your Sun Giant quest!

Nellie Bly

All roads seem to lead to Nellie Bly, who you can find in the Herbarium realm. Her quests will get you on the road to reaching Nightingale city, but you’ll have to complete many Quests for her first. It’s by Nellie’s hand that you will be put on the path to find the final character, Danu.


The final character you’ll meet during your journey through the realms is Danu, a Grendel who you will need the assistance of (and her cauldron) if you’re to be successful in your search for the Sun Giants.

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