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How to Unlock Astrolabe Major Realm Card in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Astrolabe Major Realm Card in Nightingale is the second dungeon players can enter in the Abeyance world. When you reach 30 Gear Score, you will be permitted entry into a new world for you to acquire the next recipe for Major Cards. To help you track how to unlock the Astrolabe Card, we’ll offer you tips on where to find it along with dungeons strategies for the boss and enemies inside.

Look for the large round and circular building to find the location of the Astrolabe Major Card for your Abeyance realm in Nightingale.

Where to find the Astrolabe Major Card in Nightingale

The Astrolabe Major Card is located by the large Greek sphere building resembling the Oracle of Delphi. You can find the large structure easily as it tends to generate on top of hills based on our time in the Forest and the Desert. Once you’re at the landmark, you can look around the structure’s base and look for the entrance. As long as you meet the Gear Score 30 requirement, you can go through the barrier and enter the dungeon.

Before progressing inside, make sure to have Healing Salves, Healing Potions, and some spare Essence Dust to repair your gear. There is a lot of combat, so having that extra bit of Essence Dust to repair your gear partway through will certainly be helpful. Remember to convert your spare animal bones and plant fibers into Healing Salves before heading off, and you’re in a good spot. We also recommend enchanting your favorite weapon with Recovery, as you’ll need to get some fast heals on your character at this stage of the game due to the enemies you encounter here.

How to Unlock the Astrolabe Major Card in Nightingale

When inside, you essentially have two choices to make. You can either go upstairs or downstairs. Going upstairs leads to a few extra fights and some extra lootable chests. The Fae Chest is located near the seated auditorium balcony near the telescope and enemies will spawn around the telescope as you climb up the stairs.

If you decide to go upstairs in Nightingale’s Astrolabe Realm Card Dungeon, there are some optional chests and fights.

When you’re ready to go downstairs, you’ll be able to start progressing through the dungeon. As you walk down the stairs and ramps, be aware more enemies will spawn. You’ll encounter the two-handed swordsman that dashes and spin attacks, a melee enemy with two fast attacking blades, along with a floating mage enemy. The floating mage enemy will use spells that mark you as the main target for other enemies in the area, so be mindful of its attacks to avoid getting aggro on all nearby enemies. The creature is very weak, though, so you can easily run, jump, and take it down before it teleports to a safer area.

As for the others, be careful of their attacks, by either blocking or dodging, depending on the tool you like using. If you’re interested in the lore, there should also be a release hope echo as you get close to the bottom of the ramp near the golden structure on your left. You’ll also find a few chests near the scaffolding before going down another level.

(1 of 2) As soon as you walk downstairs in the Astrolabe Realm Card Dungeon, expect some resistance as you run up the ramp.

As soon as you walk downstairs in the Astrolabe Realm Card Dungeon, expect some resistance as you run up the ramp. (left), More enemies will spawn at the bottom of the spiral staircase in the Astrolabe dungeon, guarding the lit passage to the Astrolabe Realm Card location. (right)

Once you’re done with that mid-level floor, continue down, and a few more enemies will spawn. You should encounter more swordsman and mage enemies. Make sure to rest up and repair your gear before going down and fighting these upcoming enemy spawns. Defeat them, loot the chests, and then look for the other ramp downwards, identifiable by the wall torches highlighting the way to progress further down to the boss room.

How to Defeat the Fabled Automaton Bishop

The Fabled Automaton Bishop is a boss in Nightingale, which proves to be a sturdier version of the Knight in the Antiquarian Realm Card dungeon. The main things to note about the boss are as follows:

  • Automaton Weakness: All Automatons are weak to blunt damage, meaning that the Pickaxe and the Hammer-type weapons are best for fighting the boss and the adds. This will enable you to deal a lot more damage to the targets.

  • Adds: The boss will spawn several little adds as the fight progresses, which will assault a party member, charge up, and let off a glowing blue attack. The adds will need to die. They have a shield on them that prevents damage from a few attacks, so using a faster attacking weapon to get through them is good. Additionally, when the shield is down, every attack will then stagger the enemy, preventing them from charging the attack. This is key to controlling them.

  • Traps: The boss and the adds will place small triangles around the room. These are light damage traps. Taking damage tactically against them will clear the room out if you need to kite, but avoid them if you have low HP.

  • Ranged Boss Attack: The Fabled Automaton Bishop likes to stand in place and shoot at targets. It deals moderate damage, so hide behind cover and deal with the adds the best you can. Once the adds are manageable, you can resume your assault on the boss.

  • The Boss’s core: The main way to deal more damage to the boss is to attack the crystal where the ranged attacks come from. This will expose you more to its attacks, but you will also deal much more damage to the boss.

  • The Boss’s low HP: Unlike the Knight, the Bishop has fairly low HP and resistance to damage. When the adds are dead, or tanked by an ally, have someone go crazy on the boss to nuke it down as fast and efficiently as possible.

When the Fabled Automaton Bishop is dead, you can claim and unlock the recipe for the Astrolabe Major Realm Card in Nightingale. Return to your enchanting table, and then craft the Astrolabe realm card to progress through to the next realm in your Tier 1 territory.

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