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How to Build Your First Base in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Base Building in Nightingale is a core part of building an estate, completing your tutorial quest, setting up your crafting stations, and defending some territory. However, the process of unlocking the recipes to create your first base is somewhat hidden. So, to assist you in setting up your first base in Nightingale, we will help you with the basics.

This guide will teach you how to start your first base in Nightingale, complete the Cairn estate quest, and set up your primary crafting estate for progression. Image via Inflexion.

Building Your First Base in Nightingale

So, to start, players will not have any building recipes unlocked. To begin with base building, you will need to complete the tutorial and select your starting biome. From there, go and find the Essence trader in your Abeyance realm and then select the Crude Building menu. Now you can spend some Essence Dust, and then purchase the crude basics recipe, which unlocks the ability to create basic foundations, doors, frames, windows and walls, and a flat roof.

When you enter your starting biome, you should also have a quest to build a cairn estate. This item can be found in your base building menu. Planting this allows you to set a spawn point that will be the core of your base, making it accessible as your Respite fast travel button, no matter where you are in this or other realms. You can then build around the fast travel and establish your first base in Nightingale.

When you visit the Abeyance Essence Trader, simply click on the Buildings: Crude menu, and purchase the basic crude construction recipe, enabling your to craft the basics. You often find Essence Traders on the map.

When you have the recipes, you’ll be using a mixture of wood and stone to create your very first bases. Once you create a workbench, you can also create yourself a hammer. Hammers are an important tool for repairing your base’s health, which you’ll likely be doing if you get attacked by wild creatures or dealing with any hail damage.

You can also make yourself Crude Tents, which offer some protection from the rain and hail, alongside granting indoor bonuses for resting and production tables. So, you can also build them, as long as you are in a safe enough area, as creatures will wander in otherwise.

As you progress through the game, you’ll start getting more advanced building pieces, offering more multi-story building supports, special building pieces, alternative walls, and roof options. This enables you to go off and create your dream home or town projects. You can also acquire entirely different Tilesets, offering you some unique aesthetics, such as Sandstone and Tudor, all the way to the eastern styles of East Asian Pagoda and South Asian Bhutan styles, to name a few. However you get them, you’ll need to unlock more major realm cards in Nightingale, so it will be something you accomplish from the first hour of gameplay all the way to your 40th. We recommend checking out our all tilesets in Nightingale page to get a better idea of when and where you get these recipes for further base upgrades or unlocking new styles.

So, when you’re making your first base in Nightingale, we recommend starting off small with what you need and then begin to branch out. You’ll gradually unlock and pick up more styles and then focus on those building types for your super base projects. This will come in handy when you start thinking about placing Augmentation building pieces to improve and buff your crafting stations.

This includes everything you need to know about building your first base in Nightingale. Good luck with your crafting needs.

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