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How to Get Automaton Charm Oils in Nightingale

Matt Chard

When you eventually find the elusive Nelly Bly in Nightingale, you’ll acquire a few quests from her. One of these quests is “The Bishop’s Charm” where you’ll be required to obtain one Automaton Charm Oil. The clue to where you can find this material is within its name, Automaton. However, these are a rare drop and may require you to defeat a fair few of these machines before you get it. Find out where you can obtain the Automaton Charm Oil, what realm to search, and tips on increasing your chance of getting the rare resource.

Automaton Charm Oil Location - Nightingale

As hinted above, you can obtain the Automaton Charm Oil from the Automaton Bishops in the Desert Realms. Not to be confused with the Fabled version, which is a boss. You can find the Automaton Bishops scattered all over the Astrolabe, Provisioner, Herbarium, Gloom, and Hunt Desert Realms. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a specific spawn or location for them, so you’ll have to search the realms to find them. Make sure you’re actually defeating the Bishops, and not the Knights, as they both look similar. The way to tell it is a Bishop is if it has one piece of fabric hanging in the center and if it teleports, spawns Automation Pawns, and shields itself, otherwise, it’s a Knight, and Knights don’t drop the oil.

(1 of 2) The Automaton Bishop has one piece of fabric hanging in the center, while the Knight has two pieces hanging off both sides.

The Automaton Bishop has one piece of fabric hanging in the center, while the Knight has two pieces hanging off both sides. (left), Defeating the Bishop has a chance to drop the Automation Charm Oil. (right)

We recommend finding (or building) a Realmic Transmuter, and utilizing one of the Minor Explorer Cards, as it allows you to traverse the expanse of the desert a bit quicker. Another good tip is to use movement speed infusions and charms to make your exploration even faster. The Time Infusion is great in general as it directly increases your movement speed, while Ingenuity will increase your Stamina Regeneration and Endurance will increase your maximum stamina. For Charms, the Charm of the Arcane will give you a movement speed increase after you cast an Enchantment or Charm of the Fencer, which will do the same after you damage an enemy. Although none of this is needed, it will make your life easier as the desert is a large open area with lots of ground to cover.

Ritual Seed Nursery Method

There is an alternative method to acquiring the oil, and that is to offer the Bishop an offering. To do this, walk up to the Bishop who is not aggressive (knights are), and a blue box will appear. Interact with it, and place a Ritual Seed Nursery inside it and the Bishop will drop you an oil. This method requires you to accept and complete Victor Frankenstein’s quest, who can be found in the Desert Astrolabe Realm.

(1 of 2) If you want to take the less violent route, speak to Victor Frankenstein in the Desert Astrolabe realm.

If you want to take the less violent route, speak to Victor Frankenstein in the Desert Astrolabe realm. (left), Then trade a ritual seed nursery to the Bishop’s offering point to get an oil. (right)

The Bishops Charm

If you don’t have the quest yet (although you most likely do), it can be acquired from Nellie Bly in the Herbarium Desert Realm. This quest is one of three quests she gives you, with the others being The Sun Giant’s Prize, and the Heart of the Elder Eoten. The Bishop’s Charm simply requires you to bring back the Automaton Charm Oil to Nelly.

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