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Where to Find Chamomile Seeds - Nightingale

Scott Peers

The complex realm network in Nightingale can be overwhelming at first, especially for players who don’t have much experience with survival games. There are plenty of resources that will prove difficult to find early on, but as you explore different versions of the Swamp, Forest, and Desert realms using different realm cards such as Provisioner, Astrolabe, Herbarium, and Gloom, you’ll begin to get an understanding of the best locations for specific materials. Chamomile flowers and seeds are among the most elusive in Nightingale, so we’ll show you a reliable method to find them on this page.

Danu’s hut is the most reliable location for Chamomile flowers in Nightingale. Read on to find out more.

Best Chamomile Flower/Seed Locations - Nightingale

In theory, there are a few different realms that you can visit to find Chamomile flowers/seeds in Nightingale. You won’t find any in the Desert realms, so you’re restricted to the Forest and Swamp realms. In addition, you’ll need to visit a realm of Astrolabe level and above, but it should be noted that Chamomile flowers are much more difficult to find in Antiquarian, Provisioner, and Astrolabe realms than they are in Herbarium and Gloom realms. We even had trouble finding any in Herbarium realms, so although it is possible to find some there, you may not have any luck initially.

As a general rule, you should look for different types of flowers (such as Chamomile) growing around abandoned structures in the Forest and Swamp realms. However, you can also find them on raised beds of more fertile ground, especially in Swamp realms, so it’s a good idea to look for these whenever you’re exploring. You aren’t likely to find these flowers in the watery marshlands of Swamp realms or the coasts/lower parts of Forest realms, so you can discount these as areas to explore to increase your efficiency.

Visit Danu in Gloom Swamp Realms

Although you have a decent chance of finding Chamomile flowers while exploring, especially in Herbarium realms on medium difficulty, they’re still among the rarest flowers and you may find yourself searching for hours without any luck. With that said, there is at least one guaranteed spawn location for them, but you’ll need to be able to access Gloom realms before you can find it. This requires completing a Gloom Site of Power to gain access to the recipe for Gloom realm cards, so be sure to check our How to Get the Gloom Realm Card page if you need help with that.

(1 of 2) Danu’s location will be different for each player, but you’ll only find them in Gloom Swamp realms.

Danu’s location will be different for each player, but you’ll only find them in Gloom Swamp realms. (left), Look for Chamomile flowers in and around Danu’s hut. (right)

Once you have the Gloom realm card, you need to craft one and combine it with a Swamp card at any portal, then visit the Gloom Swamp realm. As soon as you enter the realm, you can open your map to find an icon simply named “Danu” - a Grendel creature who holds the position of an Archdruid - which you can travel to immediately. When you arrive at Danu’s hut, you can find Chamomile flowers growing both inside and outside of the hut, and you should be able to get a decent amount of them in just one visit. If you’re not sure about how to identify Chamomile flowers, see the screenshot above.

And there you have it, the easiest way to get Chamomile flowers in Nightingale, at least once you have access to the Gloom realm card! The flowers around Danu’s hut should respawn every couple of hours, but you may need to relog to force it. Otherwise, good luck finding them in the wilderness as you explore the Forest and Swamp realms but remember to do this on at least medium difficulty in Herbarium realms and above for the best chances.

If you’re looking for the general locations of other rare seeds in Nightingale, you can check our All Seed Locations page for the essential info. We’ve also got pages for All Ore Locations, All Gem Locations, and All Wood & Lumber Locations that you may be interested in.

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