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How to Get Coal in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Coal is one of the most efficient fuel-burning resources in Nightingale, allowing those crafting stations to cook for a considerably long time while also being useful in crafting Gunpowder. No matter what the reasons are for needing it, we are here to help you with finding Coal locations in Nightingale.

Coal is a minable material in Nightingale, which you can often find inside low realm score caves and in dungeons across all realm scores.

Where To Find Coal in Nightingale

For the most part, Coal is a resource that players can find in caves and vaults. Coal often spawns as part of the lower realm score caves and can appear in higher realm scores but competes with other higher tier resource spawns. Furthermore, Coal can be found in caves with major realm cards activated. More specifically, you’ll likely find them in larger caves, or the Fae Vault/Ruin Dungeons, which spawn with the various POIs like occupations and Intellect puzzles. Explore these caves and look for the dark-black (oxymoron I know) rock, which can sometimes have white contrast on them due to indoor lighting adjustments in the game.

In these cases, you’ll sometimes find ruins at the bottom of them, with machines that take you to Vaults. These contain black chest type objects along the pathways, which contain random loot. Inside the loot, you can often find Coal as part of the rewards, helping you with your crafts. When you reach higher-tiered realms, you can also find Coal and other resources inside Human and Fae chests around landmarks and Fae realms.

When you have your Coal, you’ll largely be using it to create Gunpowder. This material is used as a main ingredient for all ammunition crafts and will be made quite often to support your combat needs. You’ll be burning through ammo like nothing in the Ascended realms, fighting bosses, and other end-game shenanigans, so Coal is one of those resources you’ll need a lot of. We recommend using an Industry Card since it means you can get more bang for your buck with Gunpowder for ammunition, meaning you need to farm much less Coal for Gunpowder, meaning you can keep some coal on the side in the long run for other needs or future crafts.

With that said, this about sums up all you need to know about getting Coal in Nightingale. Good luck adding to the carbon footprint of Fae realms in the name of industrial, scientific, and gear score progress of your character and its Abeyance world.

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