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Best Materials for Guns in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Due to the complex and min-max nature of the crafting system in Nightingale, there are going to be a variety of ways to perfect spec a tool or gun exactly to your playstyle. With that said, guns have a variety of playstyles, ranging from mid-range pistols, close-range shotguns, and long-range rifles. Throw in styles like stealth rating, ranged damage, range modifier, crit strikes, and more, and then the factors are endless. Here’s a closer look at the best materials for Guns in Nightingale, reflecting the tiers you’re at and various playstyles to consider using.

We take a look at the best materials for guns in Nightingale, featuring a variety of playstyles, item levels, and more.

Best Gun Materials in Nightingale

We’ll go through a list of materials alongside the benefits that the materials give. This will help highlight the stats you’re looking for when turning ingots into metal weapon parts, and your wood into a solid enough stock. This table consists of different tiers of materials to assist you with various stages of the game while crafting weapons for item level. We have more explanations and other material types further down the page.

Ore Stat Bonus 1 Stat Bonus 2 Stat Bonus 3
Copper 10% Ranged Damage 15% Magick Power 10% Poison Resistance
Shimmering 20% Ranged Rating 15% Stamina Efficiency
Magnesium 10% Ranged Damage 5% Ranged Rating 5% Fire Damage
Hollow Metal 7.5% Crit Damage 40% Stealth Rating 20% Movements Speed
Improved Hollow Metal 15% Crit Damage 60% Stealth Rating 30% Movement Speed
Kyrosiphon 15% Ranged Damage 30% Heat Resistance 30% Fire Resistance
Pursuit 25% Ranged Damage 7.5% Crit Damage 15% Durability
Einadia 30% Ranged Damage 20% Durability 50% Stealth Rating

The table of ores above offers players a look at the various tiers of ores and ingots they can find. We have listed a few early, mid, and late-game materials for you to try. The table starts with lower-tier ores, with the suggestions at the bottom mid and then late-game tier resources. These offer a range of ores and metals to use whether you want to play up close with stealth and crit or whether you want to focus on ranged damage and range increase solely.

We advise using materials that offer ranged damage on the rifles, while the pistol benefits more from range increase and then other damage types that are to your preference. Shotguns likely suit crit and stealth options the most, thanks to their close-range damage profile. Sneaking up to land shotgun heartshots or other weakpoints offer a high burst damage playstyle, hence they seem to be the most flattering to those weapon types.

Best Wood and Hide for Guns

In terms of Wood, you’re largely after either Swamp Wood or Desert Wood. Swamp Wood tends to grant ranged, stealth, and magic improvements, while Desert Wood grants improvement to movement speed, crit damage, and range rating. Desert is likely better for the more marksman-type players for rifles, while the Swamp Wood is likely better for shotguns and pistols. Fabled Eoten Wood is also good since it grants the highest crit damage of all wood, but its other stats don’t improve the role of guns too much, bar a few resistance and durability improvements.

Some weapons, like the Lancaster Pistol, require straps, which come from hide. If the weapon you’re crafting requires some form of hide, then the Harpy Hide is the best. It grants a lot of Stealth rating, meaning it makes for great sniping or close quarters use for guns. Other than that, no hide or fabric really grants much appeal to guns, so go with whatever grants you the highest item level if you’re not too bothered about Stealth rating.

This concludes the basics of the best materials for guns in Nightingale. Hopefully you have an idea of the resources available to you, the stats you want for the guns you’re using, and the playstyle you want to use. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons with higher-tier materials at upgrading benches to progress your item level deeper into the game.

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