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Apex Hunt Creature Locations in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Apex Creatures in Nightingale is a form of baddie players can go hunting for. When you unlock the Hunt Realm Card, you can go to these worlds with very large creatures wandering the wastelands. These creatures have tons of HP, damage, and tactics to monitor, but they come with many rewards for their fabled meats, hides, and bones, helping to craft very powerful items from them. Here’s a closer look at where to find Apex Hunt Creatures in Nightingale.

All Apex Hunt Creature Locations in Nightingale

So, in total, there are three main boss creatures in Nightingale. These are as follows, alongside their locations.

  • Humbaba - Swamp Hunt
  • Sun Giant - Desert Hunt
  • Elder Eotan - Forest Hunt

In addition, players can find these bosses in the Watch, the end-game player hub. Players can go through the Vaults and complete longer vaults that you can sometimes find in the Realms. These long-winded dungeons have a boss at the end of them, which often reflects the biome on which the dungeon is based. For example, you can find the Sun Giant in the desert one and face off against akin to as if you were fighting it in a Hunt Realm.

If you’re opting for the Hunt Realm Cards, be aware that these creatures are troublesome to track. You’re best of using the Track Legend Enchantment, which you can buy from the Desert Provisioner Essence Trader. We recommend placing this on a spare tool and then using that to create waypoints towards the last location of the Apex creature in the realm. It will make it significantly easier to follow its pathing since these creatures tend to move around the map. If you’re generating a desert world, the Spyglass should render the Sun Giant wandering around the map if that is something that interests you.

These are all the tips we can give you to help you find the apex creature locations in Nightingale. No matter what content you plan to create. If you want some tips on strategy, then we have more to come.

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Humbaba Tactics in Nightingale

The Humbaba is an Apex Hunt Creature in Nightingale, but the fight can get hectic very fast if you go hostile against it. Image via Inflexion.

Upon finding the Humbaba, the creature is often neutral unless attacked. This giant beast of the swamp will aggro and often attack you relentlessly when you provoke it.

When the combat starts, the boss largely makes a few moves. The main one is swooping at players with its front claws. It can also go underground and reemerge later on in the fight. On top of this, it will leap between areas and pounce on distant players if they are not careful.

As for more advanced tactics, the Humbaba does have the call of a siren, which will summon forth Harpies and other predator-type creatures from nearby. You should expect to be flooded by these, so have on hand some form of anti-predator weapons. Typically, Axes do well, but any combat spell, Shockwave, or some lightning-themed elemental bullets or marbles will help you a lot. The Harpies are the mini Humbabas walking around the map with jaws in their chests and a humanoid face.

Don’t be afraid to get under the boss and aim for Heartshots. Look towards where the heart is in a human, then aim closer to the creature’s armpit. You’ll often find most beasts have their hearts around there, and you can do some super burst damage to them that way.

Sun Giant Tactics in Nightingale

The Sun Giant will blast you with laser beams, knock you in the air, and swarm you with robots if you’re not careful. Image via Inflexion.

Meanwhile, those braving Desert Hunts or Desert Apex Vaults from the watch can encounter the Sun Giants. There are three main strategies for the boss. The first is its kicks, which will launch you in the air. Make sure to have an Umbrella equipped and the stamina to break your fall, otherwise, say goodbye to your legs, as you will take fall damage and become a sitting duck, which is where the other issues come in.

The other tactic you need to watch is the boss’s summoning ability. It will call little automatons to come and gank you, which are often the Rook, Pawns, and Bishop-type pieces. These enemies will swarm you if you don’t dispatch them and if you break a leg from a falling height; you’re pretty much dead. Once again, group these enemies up, and then pound them with lightning damage ammunition or Shockwave enchant spells to make clearing them more efficient. Remember that most Rooks will charge attacks, so staggering them with damage from AOEs is really good here.

The final mechanic to be aware of is the laser beam attack. The Sun Giant has a giant mirror on its person, and it will use it to reflect the sunlight at you. It turns it into a giant beam that shoots straight towards you. Make sure to have some form of Climbing Axe, Sickle, or Dagger equipped and dash away in case of emergency. Another reason why you don’t want to be healing and caught out from a broken leg is if that comes your way.

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Elder Eotan Tactics in Nightingale

The Elder Eotan is a peaceful tree Apex Hunt Creature, but it will be a thorn in your side if you choose violence. Image via Inflexion.

The other boss on the list of Apex Hunts in Nightingale is the Elder Eotan. This boss is a wooden creature, often located in special forest areas of the Forest Hunts and Vaults. If you need to summon it, feel free to offend the big tree with its altar offerings and summon the boss.

When the boss spawns, its tactics are not too dissimilar to the Elder Eotan you find in other Forest realms. Essentially, aggro the boss with a terrible offering, like bugs or wood, and then it will get angry and climb out to attack you. You can also be peaceful with the creature and get the Fabled Elder Eotan Hearts for the quest you need that way.

If violence is your only option, then be aware that fire and chopping damage from axes are effective at taking the boss down. You can also shoot or try to swing at the hearts hanging from the tree branches, as they should count as weak spots against the creature.

Outside of that, you have the usual tactics of dodging the branch attacks, vine traps, and other flying nettle debris that come out of the boss. Dodge them the best you can, and you should cruise your way to victory.

This about concludes everything you need to know about the Apex Hunt Creatures in Nightingale. We wish you the best of luck with farming these bosses and finding them with ease.

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