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How to Get Carved Wood in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Carved Wood is a material that players will need to start crafting for some of the higher-tier workstations, advanced building pieces for the Tudor tileset, and much more. However, Carved Wood is something that you shouldn’t have encountered all too well at the mid-game. So, to help you with these construction tasks, here’s a look at how to get Carved Wood in Nightingale.

Where to find Carved Wood in Nightingale

Players will need to unlock the Refined Saw Table to get their hands on Carved Wood. Only once you have built this station and placed it in your base, can you begin crafting it.

Where to Get the Refined Saw Table

This is the second tier of Saw Table for woodworking in Nightingale, which you can get from Provisioner Realm Essence Traders. Make sure to acquire the Provisioner Realm Card from your Abeyance world, and then craft it and select the forest biome. When you’re in the realm, find the Essence Traders, and you can buy the Refined Saw Table from the vendor for 10 T1 Essence.

(1 of 2) You must acquire the Refined Saw Table from the Provisioner Essence Traders to craft Carved Wood.

You must acquire the Refined Saw Table from the Provisioner Essence Traders to craft Carved Wood. (left), When you build the Refined Saw Table, you can now convert four Lumber into a piece of Carved Wood in Nightingale. (right)

When you get the recipe, you’ll need to craft the Refined Saw Table. To do so, you need four Lumber, two Blades, and two Mechanical Gears. You can forge the parts needed at the Basic Saw Table and the Brazier, which is another crafting station you can buy from the Provisioner. Once it is set up you can now insert four Lumber to create a piece of Carved Wood at the Refined Saw Table. So, ensure you have a solid supply of Wood Bundles to ensure you can make the required number of Carved Wood you need for your crafting projects.

Looting Carved Wood

The other method of getting Carved Wood in Nightingale is by destroying certain augmentations and furniture as you explore worlds. Sometimes, you can come across landmarks like abandoned villages, shacks, factories, and other such features. When inside, some of the furniture and other props around the place can be repeatedly hit for raw resources. This will help you get different qualities of wood materials, from planks, Carved Wood, and other forms of lumber. The same applies to Bronze Ingots and other such resources from smashing these objects. Remember this is not very reliable, but it’s still worth noting just in case you want to stockpile some more resources while you’re out and about exploring the Fae Realms.

Carved Wood is an important resource, as you’ll need four pieces to build the Refined Enchanting Focus, an important station that you need for progression. You’ll also need a single piece of Carved Wood should you wish to build the Refined Workbench, another critical station.

You can buy Carved Wood from Essence Traders if you’re not too fussed at crafting it out of specific wooden materials.

If you’re desperate than Provisioner Realms Essene Traders also sell Carved Wood from the resource section. You can see an example of the loot in the image above.

And there you have it. You now know everything you need to know about Carved Wood in Nightingale. Good luck with your wood farms, and remember, you can regrow trees to make it easier to craft expensive woodworking projects.

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