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All Seed Locations - Nightingale

Scott Peers

There are currently 22 different types of seeds that you can gather while foraging in Nightingale. The majority of these can be found in your initial Abeyance realm, but some are restricted to specific biomes, such as blueberries only being present in Forest biomes, while tulips are only present in Swamp biomes. There are some examples where the same seeds can be found in two different biomes. These are, however, restricted to Chamomile (found in both Forest and Swamp biomes), Dahlia (found in Desert and Swamp biomes), and Marigold (found in Desert and Forest biomes). Ultimately, you’ll need to travel to different biomes if you want to gain access to all the seed varieties, and some are even restricted by specific realm power requirements. On this page, we show you everything you need to know about where to find these seeds in Nightingale.

Seed Biome and Realm Locations

The table below lists all the relevant information about where you can find the different seed types in specific biomes. Note that you can find most of the seeds without venturing beyond your Abeyance realm, depending on which biome you chose to set your initial Abeyance realm in. For others, such as Cape Aloe, Chamomile, Dahlia, Marigold, Snapdragon, and Sunflower, you’ll need to enter realms of a specific minimum level if you want a good chance of finding those seeds.

Seed Biome Realm Power Min. Realm Card
Barberry Forest All Abeyance
Blueberry Forest All Abeyance
Cape Aloe Desert 51+ Provisioner
Carrot Forest All Abeyance
Chamomile Forest, Swamp 1 - 158 Astrolabe
Chokecherries Forest All Abeyance
Coffee Desert All Abeyance
Crude Swamp All Abeyance
Dahlia Desert, Swamp 101+ Gloom
Delphinium Forest All Abeyance
Flax Swamp All Abeyance
Hemp Forest All Abeyance
Jute Forest All Abeyance
Marigold Desert, Forest 51+ Provisioner
Papyrus Desert All Abeyance
Saskatoon Forest All Abeyance
Sedge Swamp All Abeyance
Snapdragon Desert 1 - 158 Astrolabe
Sunflower Forest 1 - 158 Astrolabe
Tomato Swamp All Abeyance
Tulip Swamp All Abeyance
Wheat Forest All Abeyance

Seeds are at the heart of different crafting recipes in Nightingale, but you’re likely to use them first as a way to replenish basic vitals such as health and stamina, while also reducing your hunger. For this reason, you should make a habit of gathering any seeds that you come across while adventuring, especially in the early stages of the game when you have fewer crafting stations, some of which are required to make more complex foods. There’s often an abundance of seed sources (mostly from small shrubs) in the Forest biome, and the Swamp biome isn’t far behind in terms of density. However, you may have more trouble in the Desert biome, where you’ll need to look for water sources, such as rivers and oases, to increase your chances of gathering most types of foliage and seeds.

(1 of 2) Forest biomes have the greatest abundance of berries - keep an eye out for them while exploring!

Forest biomes have the greatest abundance of berries - keep an eye out for them while exploring! (left), The buffs provided from Mixed Plants (made by combining different seed sources) are far better than the raw variants. (right)

Once you get the Alchemical Boiler crafting station, you’ll gain access to a bunch of new recipes, including some for potions. You can make use of a variety of different potions to improve your basic stats such as Strength, but also to help with your resistance to adverse weather effects, poisons, disease, and other phenomena. Different types of seeds are often an essential component for these potions, so be sure to save as many as you can by storing them at your base, even if you’re not using them much before you get the Alchemical Boiler. You may not find that most of the potions are necessary to begin with, but they’ll quickly become valuable in the most hostile realms.

If you’re interested in learning more about other types of resources in Nightingale, be sure to check the links below.

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