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How to Craft Etched Alloy Ingots - Nightingale

Scott Peers

As you reach the endgame of Nightingale in its early access form, you’ll come across a number of recipes for crafting stations that require Etched Alloy Ingots. If you’re not familiar with crafting games or geological terminology, you may be wondering about how to craft these, especially since they’re not listed as such in the crafting menu. On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to make different types of alloy ingots, including the type that we recommend for the easiest grind.

What Are Etched Alloy Ingots?

As mentioned above, the term “Etched Alloy Ingot” can’t be found in the recipe list when you interact with the Brazier of Blacksmith’s Hearth. Instead, you need to infer for yourself which ingots are classed as alloy ingots, and this is easy enough to do when you consider that an alloy ingot is just the product of two different ore types.

Brass and Bronze Ingots

Once you have the Blacksmith’s Hearth, you’ll see that there are recipes for two different types of alloy ingots, listed in the table below:

Ores Required Alloy Ingot
x2 Copper Ore, x2 Zinc Ore Brass Ingot
x2 Copper Ore, x2 Tin Ore Bronze Ingot

Both Brass Ingots and Bronze Ingots count as alloys since they each require the use of two different types of ore to produce. So, you may be wondering about which one is easiest to produce, and the truth is that either one can be easier for different players, depending on where you’ve explored previously, and how much of each ore type you have in storage. Still, you need Copper Ore for both recipes, and the best place to find this is in Desert biomes, specifically those with a Realm Power between 1 - 99.

If you’re having trouble finding Copper Ore in Desert realms, try looking for it in caves. The caves of Desert realms are almost always easy to spot on the sides of mountains, so all you need to do is circle one until you reach a cave entrance.

After you’ve got a decent supply of Copper Ore, you can consider whether you want to make Brass or Bronze ingots. For the brass, you’ll find plenty of Zinc ore in Swamp biomes, specifically those with a Realm Power between 0 - 49. If you need to make Bronze Ingots, you’ll find plenty of Tin Ore in Forest biomes, again with a Realm Power between 0 - 49. You can find most ore in both Swamp and Forest biomes by looking around the coasts, or around other large bodies of water.

(1 of 2) You need to combine x2 Copper with x2 Zinc to produce a Brass Ingot.

You need to combine x2 Copper with x2 Zinc to produce a Brass Ingot. (left), You can then select Brass Ingots in the Etched Ingot recipe list. (right)

Once you have enough Zinc or Tin ore (you’ll want an equivalent amount to your Copper to keep things consistent), you can return to your base and check the Blacksmith’s Hearth for the Brass and Bronze Ingot recipes. Make whichever you prefer - most recipes that require Etched Alloy Ingots don’t discriminate - then look for the Etched Ingot recipe. Here you’ll be able to find the Brass or Bronze ingots and produce Etched Ingot (Brass) or Etched Ingot (Bronze). As already mentioned, “alloy” isn’t mentioned in the name anywhere, but rest assured that these count as alloy ingots.

So, there you have it - you can now make as many Etched Alloy Ingots as you need for the tier 3 crafting stations and any other recipes that require them.

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