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How to Get Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Slingbow is the first crude ranged weapon players can start using in Nightingale. This early-game ranged weapon is crafted at your simple workbench in your base and offers a way to dish out ranged damage to enemies, perfect for hitting those floating mages, fleeing beasts, and more. However, its ammo is not obvious, so here’s a look at how to get Slingbow ammo in Nightingale.

Where to find Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale

There are two major ways to get Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale. The first is crafting Simple Rock Marbles from your workbench. You will need six Rocks to craft 20x Marbles. Once you have crafted the marbles, you will then be able to fire them from your Slingbow to harass enemies at range with them. The simple Marbles are the ones you craft, with higher tiers becoming unlocked as you complete research, tasks, and possibly place augments.

(1 of 2) In the early game, the Slingbow ammo you will acquire is the simple marbles from the workbench.

In the early game, the Slingbow ammo you will acquire is the simple marbles from the workbench. (left), Players can also find loot by chance via the Vault dungeons as you explore the game. Smashing objects inside can award you with magickal slingbow ammo, among other ammo types for other guns. (right)

Looting Ammo in Nightingale

The other method is finding ammo types from lootables. You can also find rarer magickal types of Slingbow ammo as you break down boxes and containers in Vaults. These are special dungeon areas you can find in tiered Fae POIs once you start venturing out with Major Realm Cards in Nightingale. Sometimes, these take you to special realm machines that bring you to a mini dungeon for you to get loot from. When you smash the wooden boxes, crates, and vases inside, you can sometimes find Marble ammo for your Slingbow, with effects like fire, lightning, poison, and more attached to them. You can also find special ranged ammo for various guns too.

When you get different types of ammo, press and hold ‘R’, and you can cycle between the different ammo types in your arsenal. Select the type you want to use and you will use whatever is inside your backpack. Feel free to swap ammo, as some types are deadlier to different creatures, or maybe you want to save your special ammo for a more serious moment.

And there you have it; you now know how to get various forms of ammo for your Slingbow in Nightingale. Good luck with your weapon capabilities and using it to its fullest capabilities.

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