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How to Get New Armor and Outfits – Nightingale

Scott Peers

There are a few different ways that you can get new armor and outfits in Nightingale, but you’ll be limited to the basic Simple variants for much of the early game. It won’t be until you begin exploring different unique realms across the Desert, Swamp, and Forest biomes with higher-tier realm cards such as Provisioner, Astrolabe, Herbarium, Gloom, and others that you’ll gain access to Essence Traders who offer new recipes. However, for the greatest variety in armor/outfits, you’ll need to wait until you reach The Watch, which you can do by following the main story. On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get access to these new recipes.

The Watch is currently the best place to get endgame armor recipes in Nightingale.

New Recipes for Armor and Outfits

As we’ve already mentioned, there are two main ways that you can get new recipes for armor and outfits in Nightingale: by visiting new realms and by visiting The Watch. We’ll discuss both of these in more detail below. With that said, it’s useful to note that there’s really no distinction between armor and outfits in Nightingale. At the moment they’re essentially the same thing, and there’s currently no form of transmogrification (more commonly known as “transmog”) that you can utilize to have one outfit for stat purposes, and the other purely for appearance. Still, most of the outfits in Nightingale have a decent appearance, so the only thing you need to be concerned with is increasing their base stats.

The base stats for any armor type can be increased by upgrading them using T1, T2, or T3 Essence at the Simple, Refined, and Excellent Upgrade Benches respectively. You’ll gradually gain access to the recipes for each of these benches as you progress through the game, but you can’t obtain T3 Essence until you reach The Watch. T1 and T2 Essence can be obtained from different realms, with Antiquarian, Provisioner, and Astrolabe realms each providing T1 Essence, while Herbarium and Gloom realms provide T2 Essence. Even after you’ve fully upgraded your armor pieces, the stats will be different based on the materials used.

As a general rule, the rarer and more expensive materials will yield armor pieces with better stats, but you can experiment with different materials to get the best stats for your playstyle, whether you’re focused on melee, ranged, or magick damage. Each material that you acquire will have its Attribute Multipliers stated in the description when you hover over it in your inventory, so you can check for the kinds of stat bonuses expected from them before using the material to craft new armor.

Recipes From New Realms

The most important thing to remember about visiting new realms is that each combination of realm cards can yield new Essence Traders who offer new recipes. The recipes aren’t limited to armor and outfits, but you’ll find that different recipes will be available from different traders, depending on where you find them. For example, you can find recipes for new armor pieces from an Essence Trader in an Antiquarian Swamp realm, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve acquired all of the recipes from the Swamp. You’ll also need to visit Swamp realms with Provisioner, Astrolabe, Herbarium, and Gloom cards to make sure that you’ve got all the recipes on offer from them. The same goes for Desert and Forest realms, so it’s worth visiting each variant to look for new recipes.

In most cases, you’ll only find a handful of new recipes for armor pieces in different realms, and often only in the form of a new specific type, such as Hat, Gear, Back, Top, Bottom, Gloves, and Shoes. You won’t always find an entire set of a specific armor type from these Essence Traders, but most of the outfit variants synchronize reasonably well together. The Simple armor variant is the first you’ll gain access to, but as you build new crafting stations (and their associated Augmentations), you’ll unlock recipes for more matching sets such as the Trapper and Calcularian sets.

Visit The Watch for New Recipes

As you progress through the main story of Nightingale, you’ll eventually reach The Watch. This is a multiplayer hub from which you can join new challenges alongside other players, allowing you to complete puzzles and boss fights to earn T3 Essence. In addition, you’ll also find a bunch of new NPC Essence Traders at The Watch, each of which offers new recipes for things like crafting stations, firearms, tools, resources, and yes, armor pieces! There’s a lot more choice in terms of armor and outfits that opens up to you at The Watch, so it’s worth speaking with every Essence Trader to see what they have.

(1 of 2) You can speak to Harley at The Watch to view new recipes for armor and outfits.

You can speak to Harley at The Watch to view new recipes for armor and outfits. (left), The Crafting tab in the Guidebook is a good place to check whether you meet the requirements for each recipe. (right)

Druidic, Hermetic, and Passaieux Sets

The Essence Trader who deals mostly in new armor/outfit recipes at The Watch is named Harley, and you’ll find him at the back of the central hall, on the right side as you enter the main hub. Some of the best armor currently in the game can be found here, including the Druidic, Hermetic, and Passaieux bundles. They each cost 1,100 T3 Essence, so you’ll need to do a lot of grinding if you want to try them all, but it’s generally recommended to go for the Druidic set if you want the best balance of stats and highest potential of gear score. There will almost certainly be new outfits added to the Essence Traders at The Watch in future updates, so it’s worth going back to check whenever a new update hits!

If you want to learn more about The Watch in general, including the recipes it has on offer, be sure to check our The Watch Guide page. If you still need help with the basics of crafting your first set of armor, our page on How to Craft Simple Armor may be helpful.

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