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Best Food and Meals in Nightingale

Matt Chard

One of the more overlooked features in Nightingale is cooking. There are numerous dishes you can cook that will enhance your character with strong buffs from extra health and stamina to increased resistances and enhanced attributes. Furthermore, you can have three Food Buffs on you at one time, which can strengthen you beyond your natural means. So, what is the best food to make, you ask? Well, read on to find out!

Cooking is a great way to bolster your attributes before you head out on a hunt.

Best Food Dishes in Nightingale

Although the food listed here is outstanding, it’s even better when made with quality ingredients. For example, Gazpacho will give you a respectable +300 Stamina, but if you use Marigolds (+20% Maximum Stamina) for the oils, mixed plants, and spices and then combine that with a Humbaba bone in the bone broth, you can reach +600 Stamina due to the modifiers. The quality of the ingredients is as important as the meal, so make sure you’re always using the best ingredient for the attribute you want to increase.

Meal Recipe Effects (Base) Recipe Location
Gazpacho Salad x1, Broth x1 Maximum Health: 50, Maximum Stamina: 300, Health Regeneration (/m): 30, Stamina Regeneration (/s): 2, Hunger Mitigation: 50 Effect Duration: 1,800 Desert Gloom Essence Trader
Lunar Nectar Raw Fruit x3, Glass x1 Maximum Health: 75, Maximum Stamina: 15, Health Regeneration (/m): 40, Stamina Regeneration (/s): 0, Hunger Mitigation: 30 Magick Power: 5, Effect Duration: 1,080 Swamp Herbarium Essence Trade
Perfect Steak Marinated Raw Meat x1 Maximum Health: 266, Maximum Stamina: 45, Health Regeneration (/m): 80, Stamina Regeneration (/s): 3, Hunger Mitigation: 40 Effect Duration: 1,440 Need Calcularian Stove to unlock
Sashimi Fileted Raw Fish x1, Oil x1 Maximum Health: 25, Maximum Stamina: 80, Health Regeneration (/m): 400, Stamina Regeneration (/s): 3, Hunger Mitigation: 20, Effect Duration (s): 720 Ascended Swamp Provisioner Essence Trader
Captain’s Plate Fileted Raw Fish x1, Salad x1, Broth x1 Maximum Health: 200, Maximum Stamina: 90, Health Regeneration (/m): 200, Stamina Regeneration (/s): 3, Hunger Mitigation: 45, Effect Duration (s): 1,620 Ascended Swamp Gloom Essence Trader
Beef Wellington Marinated Raw Meat x1, Fragrant Dough x1, Shiitake Mushroom x1 Maximum Health: 400, Maximum Stamina: 15, Health Regeneration (/m): 15, Stamina Regeneration (/s): 4, Hunger Mitigation: 100 Effect Duration (s): 3,600 Ascended Desert Hunt Essence Trader

(1 of 2) Here you’ll see a bowl of Gazpacho. This version only offers you 495 stamina.

Here you’ll see a bowl of Gazpacho. This version only offers you 495 stamina. (left), However, this version uses slightly better ingredients, which raises the stamina to 555. Choosing the right ingredients for each dish is important. (right)

Best Maximum Health Food - Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a potent dish owing to its high level of Maximum Health (400). We recommend using the Humbaba meat for the Marinated Raw Meat and Oil (30% Maximum Health) to further increase the maximum health this meal provides.

Best Maximum Stamina Food - Gazpacho

Gazpacho is by far the best food when it comes to increasing your Maximum Stamina. Having a base of +300 stamina without any adjustments is huge. Now, add Marigolds for the oils, mixed plants, and spices before finishing it off with a Humbaba Bone for the broth and you’re looking at +600 Stamina.

Best Health Regeneration Food - Sashimi

Sashimi will give you a huge 400 health per minute at base level. Now use the Prismatic Pupfish to add the 20% Health Regeneration modifier to increase it to 480 health per minute!

Best Stamina Regeneration Food - Beef Wellington

It’s back again, Beef Wellington also has one of the highest Stamina Regeneration meals in the game sitting at 4 stamina per second. For the meat, use either the Fabled Leporidon (T3) or Death Weaver Spider (T3) meat to increase the stamina regeneration, as both of them will give you a 20 stamina regeneration modifier.

Best Magick Food - Lunar Nectar

Although not food, Lunar Nectar is still a consumable that acts like one. The base Magick Power you’ll get from this drink is 5, but if you use Etherian Glass for the bottle, you can raise it an extra 25%.

That’s it for the best foods. Although Perfect Steak isn’t the best at anything, it will still give you a respectable health boost and is much easier to craft than Beef Wellington. Similarly, the Captain’s Plate meal will give you modest health and health regeneration boosts, which make it a great all-rounder food.

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