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How to Get Heartshots in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Now that you have got your gun in Nightingale, you should be progressing through the Reeves quest line you can find in the Provisioner Realm. Now, the bugger has given you a difficult task: to shoot enemies with Headshots and Heartshots for the Take Aim and Shoot Quest. Heartshots are a type of weak spot that exists in almost all characters in the game. However, the accuracy of landing them in Nightingale is incredibly hard. Here, we give you a few tips and tricks on beating the Heartshots quest and returning to Reeves successfully.

This guide will help you land those annoying Heartshots in Nightingale, offering you a few tips and tricks to make it easier.

Completing the Heartshots Quest in Nightingale

From our experience, the best way to get the Heartshots for the Reeves quest is by hunting th Elephant Creatures in the Desert. Stand directly under them, and then aim your ranged weapon at their left armpit (left from their perspective. You should get the heartshot hit without fail, especially since they are easyto stand under and are much larger, and therfore easier to be more accurate with.

On the other hand, you can try your luck agains the Bound creatures when they first spawn. The Bound enemies that spawn in the black and red mist around the various Occupations, Fae Towers, and at night are the best ways to get them. They often spawn facing your direction and then materialize.

Once the enemies spawn and their immunity falls off, you should have a brief window to land Heartshots easily while they don’t move. You will need to be dead-on, though, as the weakspot is very small. You’ll know you land a Heartshot when you see the crit modifier number appear. You can also bait the melee-type enemies to run towards you in a straight line. Doing that will make aiming at their hearts incredible easily, and you can shoot when your shot is clear enough to land it.

If you need an example of how it is done, we have a quick YouTube short to help you. It contains examples of where to aim, funneling enemies towards you to make it easier, and the general locations of where you can go to get the Heartshots you need.

Once you’re done with the quest, you should have a better idea of how to get Heartshots in Nightingale. You can now employ this tactic on hitting certain beasts and humanoids in combat for an additional location to get critical hit strikes, perhaps handy when hitting headshots is not the best play. Such as fighting Humbaba and the Carnute if you opt for those fights.

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