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How to Get Iron Ore in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Iron Ore is one of the many types of ores players can find on their travels through the realms. For the most part, you’ll be turning this into ingots and flogging it into base building materials or crafting specific parts. However, Iron certainly has some strengths and weaknesses that make it useful for certain crafting materials. Here’s a closer look at how to get Iron Ore and what it is useful for in Nightingale.

Where to Find Iron Ore in Nightingale

To get your hands on Iron Ore in Nightingale, it’s better to go into Swamp worlds between 1 and 99 Realm Score. As you explore, look for the rockier areas of the Swamp realms, and then you can find rather pointy boulders dotted around the landmarks. You can tell Iron Ore apart from the other materials by its orange-brown color on the exposed side of the rock. If you open the map, you’ll find the areas of the maps dominated with hills indicated by the longer lines on the map, this indicates steeper inclines. Be careful with the rockier spawns, as it often contains Gneiss stone and Zinc instead.

(1 of 2) Look for the steeper hillsides in Swamp Biomes to find Iron Ore locations in Nightingale.

Look for the steeper hillsides in Swamp Biomes to find Iron Ore locations in Nightingale. (left), If you stumble upon a cave in a Swamp Biome, then Iron Ore can also spawn inside. (right)

On the other hand, Iron Ore is also fairly common inside caves. For example, if you’re in the Swamp Astrolabe realm, look for the temple shrine buildings near cliffs, as they seem to generate near small cave openings. Iron can spawn a lot in those types of areas. It’s more of a general rule to watch for, but you can also use this tip as a strategy if you wish.

Best Ways to Use Iron in Nightingale

For the most part, Iron is ideally used in one of two scenarios: crafting items using Iron itself or creating Steel. Iron has some pretty decent raw stats, but Steel is an even better mid-to-late game craft.

Iron itself has the following stats:

  • 15 Melee Damage
  • 20 Durability
  • 10 Strength

So, if you’re planning on using Iron directly, you can make some pretty impressive tools with it, perfect for combat. However, when you start progressing through most of the T2 tables and then get your hands on the Blacksmith’s Hearth from the Gloom and Herbarium Realm traders, you’ll likely want to use your Iron in forging Steel.

To craft Steel, you’ll need to use two Iron Ingots and two pieces of Coal. Steel is beneficial because you need Steel Blades for the questlines later on in the game. Steel Ingots are also great for creating materials, as you’ll get:

  • 25 Durability
  • 25 Blocking Efficiency
  • 25 Strength

Therefore, using Steel is a great way of crafting a new tier of tools to improve your item level, alongside combat and blocking enemy attacks.

It is definitely worth using Iron to create offensive combat tools and then later turning into Steel for even better tools and item-level improvements. This concludes everything you need to know about Iron ore in Nightingale. Hopefully, you have a better idea of what to expect from the Iron Ore in the game and what you want to use it for.

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