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Allheal Elixir Curatives


A precious elixir, decocted to concentrate its curative elements. Consume it to recover Health and Stamina in full, and cure all current debilitations.

Location / Sold By

"Eldart's Apothecary" iconEldart's Apothecary General Store

Stealable From

"Wilhelmina" iconWilhelmina Human


"Cliodhna" iconCliodhna Vocation Trainers
"Eini" iconEini Human
"Eino" iconEino Human


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map

X: 4820 Y: 9617
Marker screenshot

2. World Map

X: 6487 Y: 8534
Marker screenshot

3. World Map

X: 7190 Y: 7551

Inside a chest among the broken floor in the Sacred Ground part of the "Seafloor Shrine" iconSeafloor Shrine. Turn left and go back round the pathway at the main stairway.

Marker screenshot

4. World Map

X: 4413 Y: 8711

Inside a chest among the ruins at the top of a high-up cliff. Climb the rocks near the path to reach it.

Marker screenshot

5. Dungeon & Town Maps

X: 3456 Y: 11648

Inside the chest near the ladder.

Marker screenshot

6. Dungeon & Town Maps

X: 11507 Y: 13445
Marker screenshot

7. Unmoored World (Post Game) Map

X: 4485 Y: 2827

You’ll find this in the nearby chest.

Marker screenshot

8. Unmoored World (Post Game) Map

X: 3905 Y: 3404

Inside the nearby chest.

Marker screenshot

9. World Map

X: 7577 Y: 6509

After reaching the top of the lighthouse, jump forward through the broken wall to find this curative on a balcony.

Curatives items in Dragon's Dogma 2 (90)

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