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Final Fantasy XV

Calling the Hydraean

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

The Summit

When you’re ready to move on, fast-travel back to the Palsino Street Station, climb up the stairs to exit the underground diner, then make your way up two flights of stairs to the south-east before turning south-west and heading under some arches and down a street. It’s the same route you took to reach the storefront at which Luna’s dress was displayed, but you need not walk nearly as far to find Camelia’s estate. When you reach your destination, speak with the guard at the gate to head inside for the negotiations. You will want conduct things befitting that of a king and depending on how you answer, you may receive some rewards.

  • Express gratitude
  • Show concern for Accordo
  • Be truthful
  • Be truthful
  • Show concern for the city
  • Agree with her
  • Agree to help evacuate
  • Act confident
  • Agree amicably
  • Empathize with her position
  • Say thanks

The above answers will earn the secretary's unreserved trust, which will earn you four Oracle Ascension Coins, as well as end the story quest.

Objective Reward
For negotiating with Camelia EXP 1,000

The dialogue options you pick during your meeting with Camelia will influence her disposition towards you (left). Do well and you’ll earn her trust - and a reward (right).

After the meeting Noctis will ride a gondola with his pals, during which the strategy ahead will be discussed. Afterwards, some story bits will happen and when you’re back in control of Noctis in front of a large crowd, walk forward to trigger some more story, so… sit back and enjoy them until you regain control.

Into the Fray

Leviathan has been summoned and the empire has her surrounded, so it’s time to set the plan into motion. First, you need to get to the vantage point, but naturally you can’t go anywhere unopposed, as imperials will show up to impede you. The first foes you’ll have to face are a pair of Magitek Swordsmen, after which you’ll need to carry on to encounter some Batter Soldiers. Finally, further on you’ll encounter more Battery Soldiers and Imperial Snipers. Noctis is on his own for now, but fortunately the soldiers are only levels eighteen and sixteen, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with them. After dispatching the first two soldiers, continue on to fight some more.

The Empire are here to stop you and you’re on your own (left). Keep pushing forward then dive off the end (right) to end this quest.

Once the imperials are dead continue along the linear path to trigger some more cutscenes. When they’re over run to the end and leap off the balcony, only to be caught by Prompto, who has commandeered a vehicle from the empire. While flying around, there will be a few instances where you need to perform some generous QTEs to block, and then parry, some attacks from Leviathan. After you deal with three such attacks in succession, press Triangle/Y to warp onto Leviathan.

Objective Reward
For reaching the Hydraean EXP 1,500

The goddess of the seas has awoken.

The Trial of Leviathan

Now that you have Leviathan’s attention you’ll be able to issue a challenge. Pick the options “Demand her power”, “Maintain a commanding tone” and “Maintain a commanding tone” to earn 10 AP at the cost of making Leviathan stronger - presumably she’s infuriated by your arrogance. Oh well, you’re here to prove your worth. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

After your graceful landing (how does splatting against stone selectively not hurt Noctis?) just keep moving forward until a short scene with Leviathan happens, after which the fight with her begins. The surrounding arena will be segmented and you can warp to any of the floating pieces of land. For now, just wait on a platform until Leviathan appears in the middle and you can lock-on to her, at which, you should perform a warp-strike. If you happen to fall in the water, just warp to any of the other platforms and do this all over again. Eventually, a warp-strike will initiate some cutscenes.

After a bit of Oracle-ex-Machina, Noctis is finally at full power. If the music wasn’t epic before, it is now. Noctis will be flying in the air and will have the ability to warp around by just using the left stick. He can also airdash with X/A, warp-strike with Triangle/Y, and do all of the other normal stuff you can do in battle. The fight will begin with a few quick-time events, so keep an eye out for them until they are over and you can freely move around. It doesn’t seem like you take much in the way of damage from Leviathan, although it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

You have full access to your powers now (left) and the sheer force of them can pummel Leviathan to submission. When Leviathan is vulnerable (right) use the full force of them against her.

In fact, just pressing Circle/B will launch all of the Royal Arms at Leviathan, making attacking the goddess a lot easier. After taking enough damage, she will collapse and be vulnerable, so keep attacking until something breaks off of her. The second stage of the battle will have Leviathan swimming all around, making it difficult to attack her, but she’ll eventually stop in the middle, which is your cue to deal damage. For the third, and final, stage, she will summon some waterspouts and should you hit them, you’ll take minimal damage. Continue doing the same as before and there will be one final quick-time event that will bring the battle, and the chapter, to an end.

Objective Reward
For earning Leviathan’s favor EXP 3,000 / Mark of the Hydraean
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Completed Chapter 9.

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