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Chocobos are one of the staples of the Final Fantasy franchise, essentially becoming one of their mascots over the years, and they make a big appearance in Final Fantasy XV, as a means of transportation. Once you reach Chapter 3, Prompto will insist that you go and see the Chocobos over at Wiz Chocobo Ranch, which will trigger the start of the Friends of a Feather sidequest . See this quest to the end and you will rewarded with the ability to rent Chocobos from the little stands that you might have noticed when visiting outposts.

As you ride the Chocobo, it will level up (left) and gain both combat abilities and enhanced attributes (right).

When you access these stands, you will see that you can rent Chocobos for up to seven days. The best thing about the Chocobo is that you can go offroad with it, something the Regalia cannot do, although it is faster. Should the timer run out, then the Chocobo will be returned and you will have to go rent another one. However, if you’re riding the Chocobo when the timer runs out, then the majestic creature will not return until you get off of it. You should have received a whistle that lets you summon your rented Chocobo whenever you should need your trusty steed.

Chocobo Levels

As you’re riding the feathery friends, you will notice that the Chocobos will eventually level up. While this doesn’t have a huge impact on the game, the Chocobos can learn some important abilities from doing this. Note that the maximum level is 10, with every level is unlocked based on time riding alone and nothing else. At levels 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, the Chocobo will gain abilities that you can use in battles, such as being able to flee or having it join in with some attacks. The other levels contribute to your Chocobo’s stamina, maximum running speed, jumping height and stamina recovery.

Level Time Needed (From Last Level) Description
2 2 minutes Unlocks Dash de Chocobo, allowing the party to escape once per battle by calling their Chocobos.
3 6 minutes Increases max stamina and max sprinting speed.
4 8 minutes Unlocks Kick de Chocobo, where the Chocobo will kick enemies.
5 12 minutes Increases max stamina and max sprinting speed.
6 16 minutes Unlocks Dance de Chocobo, which will make the Chocobo buff the party.
7 20 minutes Increases max stamina and max jump height.
8 20 minutes Unlocks Rush de Chocobo, which has the Chocobo unleash a flurry of attacks.
9 24 minutes Increases max stamina and doubles stamina recovery rate.
10 30 minutes Unlocks Link de Chocobo, which allows the Chocobo to perform Blindside Links with Noctis.

Chocobo Customization

After unlocking the ability to rent Chocobos, you can visit the Wiz Chocobo Post and do some more sidequests for Wiz that revolve around the awesome avians. Completing these quests will give you the ability to change the color of the Chocobos you ride, although you do start with two default colors, yellow and white. Look for the green icon on your minimap, which is the Chocobo Salon. This allows you to not only name your Chocobos (lasts throughout multiple rentals), but you can also change the color of each character’s Chocobo (you could have each one a different color).

To unlock more colors for your Chocobos, there are two things you can do. The first thing is to complete the sidequests that unlock after completing Friends of a Feather, some of which will reward you with a new color(s) for your Chocobos. The other method is a bit harder, as you need to participate in the Chocobo Races and will have to look for Chocobo Pears during the race. There are seven of these and not only are they available in specific races, but some of them have extra requirements, such as only being available in the rain or at night.

Requirement Colors Unlocked
Default Yellow, White
Complete Where the Wild Chocobos Are Green, Lime, Teal, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Ruby
Complete Chase That Chocobo! Amber, Honey, Periwinkle, Sapphire, Mauve, Violet, Pale Gray, Pale Purple

You can find some pears hidden during the races that will unlock more colors for your Chocobos.

The other method of unlocking colors involves finding Chocobo Pears during the races. Note that these are hard to find sometimes and you will highly likely lose the races, since they are very out of the way (especially races from the second one on). Once you hunt down the pear, just move over it with your Chocobo and it’ll be added to your inventory, then finish the race to save it. There is a total of 7 Chocobo Pears that can be found in this manner, and some of them are only available to find during certain times of day and even weather.

Pear Colors Location
Cieldalaes Pear Lemon & Chartreuse **Vs. Prompto** . As soon as the race begins, turn around and follow the track to a crossroads of sorts. Look for a large tree on your left with a fence and the pear is right next to it.
O’Ghomoro Pear Royal Blue & Indigo **Vs. Prompto; Night only** . As soon as the race begins, turn around and go north to where you sign up for the races. Just north of that will be the chocobo races sign near the road; the pear is next to it.
Doman Pear Cerulean & Sky Blue **Vs. Prompto; Early morning and rainy** . In between two rock formations inside of the blue track, in the eastern section.
Xelphatol Pear Crimson & Cinnabar **Vs. Gladio** . When you get to the southern part of the track, jump over the fence and down the rock wall. Follow the rocks closely and you should see the pear amongst the trees/bushes.
Mamook Pear Emerald & Seafoam **Grange Gallop; Rainy weather** . As soon as the race begins, turn left and look for the large tree nearby. It is at the base of the tree, near the little bits of shrubbery.
Han Pear Pale Blue & Pale Green **Vs. Ignis** . Look at your map and locate the blue track. On the inside part of the northeastern section, there will be a bunch of bushes and trees. The pear will be there amongst them.
Val Pear Lavender & Magenta **Rocky Road; Night only.** Pass through the first checkpoint, then look for a very tall rock formation to your right. Climb to the top of this to find the Pear.

Chocobo Races

At Wiz Chocobo Post, there are some tracks that you can use to race against your companions and also participate in an obstacle course, of sorts. The races against your friends can prove to be challenging, especially if you do it right after obtaining the ability to rent Chocobos. Thus, it’s a good idea to do this a bit later on, after you have ridden Chocobos for a while and have leveled them up a bit to increase their statistics. Winning races will award you medals, which are nothing but decorations you can put on your Chocobos; they do nothing.

You can race against your friends (left) or do obstacle courses where you need to jump through hoops (right).

The easiest way to deal with the races is to finish up all of the sidequests from Wiz at the Chocobo Post, which will grant you the ability to buy Sylkis Greens from the Chocobo Salon. Go to a camping spot with your Chocobo and when you rest there, you will have the option to feed them a green, so pick the Sylkis Greens option after buying some. These greens will give a big boost to all of your Chocobo’s abilities, which you will see if you pick this option of winning the races.

There are two types of races, those against your friends and mini obstacle courses, where you need to jump through hoops. The latter will be timed and if you don’t finish within the time limit, then you will lose. Both types of races have rules where you can’t steer off-course or fail if you hit the checkpoints in the wrong order.

Race Notes
Vs. Prompto Very easy race and should easily be passable without any trouble at all.
Vs. Gladiolus Harder than the race against Prompto, but still manageable.
Grange Gallop First obstacle course, which requires you to jump through hoops.
Vs. Ignis Definitely more difficult than the race with Gladio, but with Sylkis Greens, you shouldn’t have a problem.
Full Field Race against all three of your friends, but easy enough with Sylkis Greens.
Rocky Road Second obstacle course and much longer than Grange Gallop. There are two instances where you will need to use boxes to reach hoops, with the second being a bit troublesome, since the boxes are spaced out.
Vs. Iris You will want to use Sylkis Greens for this race, as Iris is very fast. Leveling your Chocobo to 9 would be ideal, but she can be beaten at around 7 or so. Use your body to block her when you get in front and try to keep dashing.

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